Wednesday, July 15, 2015

*EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Police Inspector (Mr. Okhion) Caught Demanding BRIBE From Driver In Lagos #SHAME!

At Oregun in Lagos, some Policemen reportedly had premeditated to abruptly stop the traffic light in order to "arrest" any driver looking vulnerable for extortion. They had stationed along the path and when this driver passed they suddenly changed the light to red (without prior indication of yellow) and had waited in front of the car. One of them had approached the car to open the door in a way that exposed they had properly rehearsed their script.

The policeman then began demanding for a bribe, but was refused by the driver, who insisted on going with the police officer to the Police Station. At the Station in Ikeja (same where a previous officer was recorded for demanding bribe and punished), the DPO, called "Motopol" promised to investigate and deal with this bribe-seeking inspector, Mr. Okhion (name spelling may not be accurate because he covered his name with traffic apron throughout the drama). This video should help "Mrs. "motopol", who promised to investigate the allegation of bribery scandal on this inspector.


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