Friday, July 24, 2015

PHOTO: #NIGERIAN Policemen kill engineer at checkpoint


Some policemen have allegedly shot dead an engineer, Chinedu Uzor, during an altercation at a checkpoint in Sperando Junction, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

It was gathered that on Sunday, July 19, Uzor, a mechanical engineer, was returning from a club with a friend, whose name had yet to be identified, when they got to a checkpoint at the Presco area.

It was learnt that 33-year-old Uzor reportedly.....
zoomed past the policemen but stopped at another checkpoint at Sperando Junction.
It was learnt that the policemen at Presco, however, came after him to Sperando and shot him in the head and chest. A witness was said to have contacted the family, after which he rushed the engineer to a nearby hospital where he died.

An eyewitness said Uzor’s head was blown open by the bullets and his brain tissues spilled out.

According to source, the leader of the police team, Inspector Agbo Onwe, had been arrested and detained at the command headquarters, Abakaliki.

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