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#SayNoToRape: Timaya raped me — US lady Shella B

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US-based Nigerian woman, who goes by the name officialshella_b on instagram, has accused popular musician and self-styled Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa, Enetimi Odon otherwise called Timaya, of rape.
Shella B who currently resides in Dunwoody, in Atlanta is a recording artiste known as Chi Queenett.

The allegation was made on Thursday in a series of posts on Instagram.

The posts sent under the identity, ‘ExposingtherealTimaya,’ consisted of screenshots and audio recordings from.....
previous conversations between the duo, and continued till Saturday.
The allegation sparked mixed reactions from the musician’s fans. Timaya, it was alleged, committed the act while in the US for a show.

One of the posts by the lady read: “You are a rapist. I will make sure the world knows it. You might want to cancel your show and get out of Atlanta because I am going to the police.”
She followed up with a reply from Timaya which read: “I don’t hurt people, but if you want me dead, then it is fine. I leave you to God. No problem, I will leave the town as you advised; I am taking myself off the show.”
But it seemed the lady’s anger sparked off when Timaya did not keep to his word as he went ahead with the show, contrary to his previous reply. Furious, she wrote: “Timaya what you did was wrong, and you know it. Just because you are a star does not give you the right. Yet you still went ahead and did your show while I was hurting.”

In yet another post, the lady also accused Timaya of threatening her life. According to her, it was not her intention to expose him, but his threats forced her to do so, adding that he was not remorseful for taking advantage of her and threatening her.
In response to the threat, the lady whose identity is unknown, wrote, “Who are you; that’s a threat. This is not Nigeria, you will never see the light of the day behind bars.”
Reacting to the accusation via an email interview exchange with our correspondent on Saturday, Timaya denied the allegation, saying it was what happened was a consensual sex between two adults.

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