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LATEST! Ex Governor of Bayelsa Chief DSP Alamieye­seigha died poor, broke –Associate

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Chief Diepreye Solomon Pe­ter Alamieye­seigha

Chief Diepreye Solomon Pe­ter Alamieye­seigha, who passed on following complications of a kid­ney-related problem, died poor and broke.

The man who in his heydays was known as the Governor-General of the Ijaw Nation began a down­ward slide in fortune fol­lowing the adversity that beset him in the wake of his impeachment as gover­nor of Bayelsa State, an act that was widely believed to have been orchestrated by the then incumbent president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, whose disdain for the giant Ijaw man was almost legendary.

Alamieyeseigha fell on hard times after he.......
re­gained freedom and sub­sequently got presidential pardon during the tenure of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Even though friends and associates always rallied round to provide him gen­erous financial support, he always tended to be peren­nially broke, Sunday Sun learnt from a close associ­ate. It was not clear whether he was being blackmailed by anybody for any reason.

Beyond his health chal­lenges, Alamieyeseigha had to contend with other misfortunes. For instance, one of his sons died in 2014, while another suf­fered stroke in the United States after he discovered that his wife was engaged in an extra-marital affairs. Moreover, the marriage of his daughter broke down and ended in divorce.

Until his death, Chief Diepreye Alamieyesei­gha was to face trial in the United Kingdom (UK) on charges bordering on mon­ey laundering.

The late former gover­nor, who jumped bail and escaped from the United Kingdom and returned to Nigeria, was granted presi­dential pardon by former President Goodluck Jona­than, despite substantial allegations of corruption leveled against him.

However, he consis­tently refused to answer summons to stand trial in the UK in respect of the money laundering charges preferred against him.

Meanwhile the UK au­thorities remained deter­mined to secure his repa­triation to London.

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