Saturday, October 10, 2015

Please I want the man who raped me, Mr Atipo Larry, to die in prison – 8-year-old rape victim Cries out

In yet another case of defilement that seems to be spreading across board like a wildfire, it was the turn of an eight-year-old girl, identified simply as Nnena, penultimate weekend when she was violated by a man, Atipo Larry, whom she described as a customer in her mother’s shop.

According to Punch, Nnena explained that the incident, which happened around Oparo Street in Fagba area of Lagos, on a Sunday afternoon, shortly after she and her.....
mum came back from church, was not the first time Larry would sleep with her, saying he had done ‘it’ with her on many occasions but that she was too scared to tell her mum, identified simply as Janet.

The little girl, whose father is no more, further explained to the Punch correspondent that Larry, who is said to be an ex-convict, used to come to buy things from her mum’s shop, which is outside Larry’s house. She recalled that her mum was not around the first time he did ‘it’ to her.
In the presence of her mother, who was visibly disturbed by the incident, Nnena said, “It started one afternoon when my mum was not around. I was the only one in the shop. When he came out of the house and saw me sitting in front of the shop, he gave me N50 to help him buy cigarette, pure water and Tom Tom and asked me to come and give him the items in his house.
“When I entered the sitting room, he told me not to tell anyone about what he wanted to do and that if I told anyone, he would kill me. He carried me and lay me on the floor, removed my dress and removed his. He lied on top of me and ‘did something.’ I was feeling pains in my body and I tried to shout but he covered my mouth.
“When he finished, he picked his cloth and cleaned the blood on my body and on his own body. He then told me to go and warned me not to tell anyone about it. I wanted to shout but he covered my mouth. I left the house crying but there was nobody around.”
Nnena, who seemed not to know what Larry was doing to her, said she felt serious pain when he penetrated her private part, saying she kept screaming because of the pain but that there was no one in the house and then he covered her mouth.
Too scared to ‘die’, she went about her normal activities and never said a word to her mother. She recalled that her mother had told her that if she allowed anyone to touch her private part, she would die, which was to alert her on the need to be protective, but Larry’s threat seemed to outweigh that. He didn’t stop there; he did the same thing the following day and allegedly continued in the act; sending her on errands anytime her mother was not around, luring her into the house, where he was allegedly squatting and sleeping with her.
On the day he was caught, she explained that she was with her mum when Larry signalled to her and told her to lie to her mum that she was going to use the toilet, which she did.
“When I left where my mum was, he dragged me into his house, carried me and took me to the back of the chair (sofa) and did it on the floor. He covered my mouth so I could not shout. He had just stood up and was about lying on top of me again when my mum came in. I quickly took my gown and ran away.”
Asked why she had to go back after repeated assaults, she said she was afraid to die and that she had to run away so her mum wouldn’t beat her.

Culled - Punch

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