Thursday, October 8, 2015

*RAW VIDEO: Water leakage inside 'Nigerian Overland Airways' Plane during rain

The above video was posted by Adeola Fayehun on youtube, the video was sent by a passenger who flew Overland Airways from Abuja to Ilorin.
He shared his experience below: “I presume it started raining shortly before our landing as we waited in the plane for the Airline staff to get us umbrellas to shelter. All of that sounds good, right? Until we discovered the plane was......
leaking. Please see attached photos and video.
Although it wasn’t immediately clear if the leak was from the rain or the plane’s cooling system, one thing was evident: the rate of leakage was proportional to the fluctuating intensity of the rain. At heavy intensity, the leak was pouring. When the rain subsided, it became more of a drip. In any case, the structural integrity of the aircraft is brought to question.”

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