Monday, October 20, 2014

#EBOLA!! WHO Declares Nigeria Ebola-Free After 42 Days With No Cases

The World Health Organization declared Nigeria Ebola free on Monday after a 42 day period with no new cases, a success story with lessons for countries still struggling to contain the deadly virus. "Nigeria is now free of Ebola," WHO representative Rui Gama Vaz told a....

SAD: Agony of 13-year-old Nigerian fighting brain cancer in US hospitals

13-year-old Nigerian fighting brain cancer
Ifeoluwapo Isijola
He walked slowly and weakly into the living room and then slumped on the sofa. His face expressed frustrations at pains from the day’s headaches.
“I am sad because I have brain tumour and it’s giving me different problems like headaches, weak arms and legs. I’m very weak and have difficulty in walking. It also affects my vision but God has a way for me. I enjoyed outdoor games but I can’t do them anymore and I can no longer play with my friends outside. I don’t get to go to school because of this illness. I’m in eighth grade, but I’m home schooling these days,” he said, as he covered his body with a blanket,
He was stretched on the sofa, surrounded by his family.
These days, Ifeoluwapo Isijola, waits for a hospital that would accept him for the clinical trial treatment of his Grade three glioma brain cancer. He is thirteen years old.
On the Christmas Eve of December 2006, Ifeoluwapo was being groomed for the great season’s celebration with his family. His parents brought in the family barber to make him look good with a nice haircut. Earlier in the year and at different times, he had complained of headaches and uncomfortable pains in the head that kept him awake during the day and all night. But on that December evening, the barber applied some pressure to Ifeoluwapo’s head while cutting his hair and he went into sudden seizure.

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[MUST WATCH] VIDEO oF tHE dAY: MEOWs Boys Choir #Throwback

 Are you suprise these young dude keept it real without bursting out laughing.
Hahaha! These boys deserve an award for

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[YOUR HEALTH] Fertility-enhancing meals


If you are looking to conceive, a better lifestyle or diet can boost your chances by up to 80 per cent; and it might just be as simple as sitting to have a healthy meal.
According to research by, these are the foods you should include in your diet on a daily basis, as they have shown to balance your hormones, nourish the bodily system and help promote fertility. They’ll also help you calm down and feel great.

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s.O.s: Iheoma Dimgba is Diagnosed With Kidney Failure

 Iheoma Dimgba is a single lady and an Orphan, she lost her parents some years ago and currently lives with her elder brother at No 25, Ewenla Street, Bariga, Lagos.  Iheoma who is also a seamstress has been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and she is dire and urgent need of  N8 million for a kidney transplant.
Earlier Iheoma was managing the ailment thinking that she had malaria but her health kept deteriorating and she was referred by doctors to undergo some tests.
After comprehensive checks, during April 2014 Iheoma was diagnosed with acute renal failure, a chronic kidney disease associated with reduction in urine output at the Peak diagnostic center and  was later confirmed at Gbagada general Hospital, Lagos.

According to a medical report, the ailing Iheoma needs a kidney transplant to stay alive.
Nephrologist advised that a kidney transplant should be done as soon as possible. The N8million for the surgery includes fees for donor/ recipient compatibility testing, transportation and the immunosuppressant”.

Pleading for help to save her life, Iheoma said that all the money she has made from her petty stremstress business and that of family and friends have been pumped into her health as she has now resorted to borrowing in order to undergo her dialysis. 

She said, "We have spent so much and we have nothing left. Each week, we spend, so much to take care of dialysis sessions, tests and other hospital expenses".
Presently, Iheoma cannot walk nor raise both legs on her own as she complains about the legs being heavy and painful. She is now appealing to the kind hearted Nigerians to help save her life so that she can live a fulfilled life.
In her words Iheoma said, "Your intervention and support will go a long way in easing my pains and keeping me alive. Please save me!".

Iheoma requires N8m to enable her to undergo a kidney transplant.

Readers who wish to help Iheoma can send their donations to:


Account number: 0016690346

Bank: Diamond Bank

Or Call Iheoma Dimgba- 08138876238 or Okechi Dimgba on 07037952890 (her brother) 

Please no amount is too small or too much to give, to help save Iheoma's life. Please also if you don't have anything to donate, you can atleast call her mobile number to encourage her.
Thanks and God bless!

See below some of Iheoma's Medical Results: