Tuesday, March 29, 2016

PHOTO: School proprietor, Mr Babatunde Ibitoye jailed 10 years in Ekiti for raping pupil


An Ado Ekiti High Court on Tuesday sentenced a school RAPIST proprietor, Mr Babatunde Ibitoye to ten years imprisonment for raping a 10-year old pupil of his school.
Ibitoye, owner of God’s Grace Nursery and Primary School located at Fayemi Market, Agric Olope Area, Ajilosun in Ado Ekiti capital city, committed the offence on June 10, 2013.
Subsequently, the State Ministry of Justice had through a suit number HAD/F11/2013 preferred a one-count charge of rape against the accused person on December 3, 2013.

Ibitoye was caught on the June 10, 2013 in a bush near Fayemi’ market, where he sexually.....

*PHOTO: How My wife tore my boxers to rape me - Mr Gafaru Rodoye

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A retired soldier, Gafaru Rodoye has raised the alarm about his wife’s penchant for raping him violently every time she wants sexual intercourse.

Rodoye made the revelation of his wife’s fetish for rough sex to an......

MUST READ: The dos and don’ts before conception (1)

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Infertility is an alarming modern epidemic affecting more couples than ever. It is said that one out of six married women today experience difficulty getting pregnant. What was once seen as a feminine problem is now known to affect men too.
The natural approach to treating infertility solves the root causes of the problem by addressing all the systems of the human body, rather than just focusing on the reproductive system.
Many couples that can’t become pregnant suffer from a combination of sub-clinical conditions. These conditions can’t cause infertility on their own, but, in combination, they can substantially reduce a woman’s chances of conception.

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*PHOTO: Nigeria Ex-SuperFalcon Player, Perpetua Nkwocha Weds Ernest Nwufoh In Owerri

Image result for Nigerian Ex-Super Falcon Player, Perpetua Nkwocha Weds Nwufoh In OwerriImage result for Nigerian Ex-Super Falcon Player, Perpetua Nkwocha Weds Nwufoh In Owerri

Super Falcon’s legendary player and coach of Clemensnäs IF from Swedish Women's Football Division 2, Perpetua Ijeoma Nkwocha tied the knot with her fiancé, Ernest Ikechukwu Nwufoh, in Owoerri on Monday March 28.

Officials of the Nigerian Football Federation, Super Falcons officials and ex-internationals were on ground to witness the blissful event which took place at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Emekuku, Owerri North local government area, Imo state. Ann Chiejine, assistant coach of the Super Falcons, Stella Mbachu, and Rita Nwadike, coach of Rivers Angels were among the host of ex-players who graced the colourful occasion.

Congrats Perpetua & Ernest

The man, Tunji Braithwaite

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“ALL the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts,…” says Williams Shakespeare in one of his writing.
For social critic, Tunji Braithwaite, it was time to exit the stage, as he passed on after 82 eventful years, yesterday, while Christians worldwide were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
His death effectively drew the curtain on his many years of political and social activism.
A man of many parts – lawyer, activist and politician – he would be remembered as a man who was never afraid to say his mind at any given time and on any issue.
Although, he had a very successful legal career, Braithwaite’s foray into politics did not produce the desired result for him.

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LATEST! Cameroon would-be suicide bombers ‘not Chibok girls’ #ChibokGirls

Cameroon would-be suicide bombers ‘not Chibok girls’

Investigators have revealed the identity of a would-be suicide bomber arrested in Cameroon. She is not one of the 219 Chibok schoolgirls.
Cameroon released the identities of the girl and another would-be female suicide bomber to Nigerian security agencies and a delegation to Yaounde.

The self-confessed bomber is Aissatou Musa and her accomplice is.....

Saturday, March 26, 2016

MUST READ: Healthy babies for sickle-cell carriers

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There is fresh hope that couples with sickle cell anaemia can now have children who are free of the debilitating condi­tion. A medical procedure known as Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagno­sis (PGD), which helps couples who have the AS or SS genotypes to have sickle-cell free babies, is available in the country. Children born with sick­le cell are widely known in Nigeria as “sicklers”, as they are oftentimes sickly and prone to many painful conditions on account of the sickle shape of their red blood cells.

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*RAW PHOTO: Image of Devil-Satan appeared on a rib steak goes viral

The Devilish Steak
This rib steak has become the the most famous in Mexico after people commented on its striking resemblance to the face and horns of the Devil.

A local website posted the bizarre cut of meat on its Facebook and it has since gone viral.

The steak is believed to have come from....

SAD! How Lebanese man, Mr Hussein raped, impregnated his Nigerian maid and sacked her

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17-year-old Roda Timothy, was full of expectations when she left her home state in Plateau for Lagos, last year. She had hoped to secure employment, earn a decent living and be in a position to help her family back home. However, her lofty dreams were shattered barely few days after she was employed as a maid. She was allegedly raped and impregnated by her Lebanese boss who later kicked her out of his house when all his efforts to abort the pregnancy failed.

Her boss popularly called Hussein, works as a professional chef for highbrow companies in Lagos and resides on Allen Avenue, Ikeja agreed to pay Roda N10, 000 monthly. Two months after impregnating her, Hussein sacked her after paying her a paltry sum of N19,000 for the two months she worked for him. Roda who pleaded passionately that her photograph should not be taken then narrated how it all happened: “I started working with the man as a maid immediately I came to Lagos. He agreed to pay me N10,000 monthly as my salary. When I packed into the house, my boss was not around but he came back two days later from his work place.

How I was raped

“On this particular day, my boss was about to leave the house when his brother asked me to go and meet him and collect some money to purchase food items for the house. I knocked on his door, he answered and asked me to come inside.

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*DISTURBING VIDEO: The SHOCKING moment #NYPD cop shoots a PET dog DEAD with a single bullet to the head

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These shocking pictures show the gruesome moment an NYPD cop shot dead a family's dog in what appears to be an unprovoked attack.

Two police officers were responding to a call at a neighboring apartment in the Bronx when Yvonne Rosado opened her door to see what the commotion was about.

Surveillance footage shows her four-year-old pitbull, Spike, wandering out into the hallway and excitedly wagging his tail.

The barking dog - who seems more playful than aggressive - approaches one of the cops, who has already withdrawn his gun.

The spooked police officer backs down the stairwell before opening fire, fatally wounding Spike with a single gunshot to the head.


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MUST READ: The fall of Nigeria Most wanted Notorious robbery kingpin, Tokiwe Joseph a.k.a 'TK'

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Armed Robber TK
IT is no longer news that the inglori­ous era of the most wanted militant in Lagos, Tokiwe Joseph aka TK was recently brought to an end by the joint effort of security operatives from Lagos and Benin Republic. What is unknown to many Lago­sians are the many sides to the TK saga in spite of his exploits. Noted for his reign of terror through armed robbery and kidnapping in the Lagos area, TK was gunned down at the Seme border during a foiled robbery attempt.

It was also gathered details the tragic end of the armed robber, the confession of Oz the suspect who planned the foiled robbery attempt and TK’s links with Tompolo.

The foiled robbery
The man who initiated the idea to raid banks and bureau de change of­fices at Seme border, Ozoemena Obi, popularly known as Oz confessed to the police that after the attack on banks in Agbara and the death of the Department of State Security (DSS) operatives and others, security around the creeks in Lagos state was beefed up. “Nothing much was com­ing from pipeline vandalisation be­cause there were many interests in­volved. Soldiers have taken over the place and to penetrate its ranks, you have to bribe heavily.

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PHOTO: SEE the face Of Father, Mr Bamekpa, Who Raped His 12-yr-old daughter in Bayelsa, and aborts Her pregnancy

Father rapes 12-yr-old daughter in Bayelsa, aborts pregnancy
Rapist father Bamekpa
AT 12, the world of Queen (surname withheld) has literally turned upside down. Her dreams are crumbling as she undergoes medical treatment owing to alleged abuse by her father, Bamekpa.
Her injuries are serious enough to warrant urgent surgery in one of the hospitals in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.
Queen is no doubt in pains. At a point, she bled profusely from her private part. Her father, who hails from Imiringi, Ogbia Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, allegedly started to.....

Friday, March 25, 2016

#TERRORISM: ‘I’m one of Chibok girls’, captured suicide bomber cries out

Image result for ‘I’m one of Chibok girls’, captured suicide bomber cries outImage result for ‘I’m one of Chibok girls’, captured suicide bomber cries out

A suspected suicide bomber intercepted in northern Cameroon on Friday before she could blow herself up claimed to be one of 219 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in the Nigerian town of Chibok in 2014, military and local government sources said.

Two girls carrying explosives were stopped by local self-defence forces in the village of Limani, in an area of northern Cameroon that has been the target of frequent suicide bombings in recent months, reports Reuters.

They were then handed over to Cameroonian soldiers belonging to a......