Saturday, April 19, 2014

Today's Photo: President GEJ Getting A Hard S£xy Campaign Dance By A Lady During One Of His Rallies

Jonathan dance

I came across this photo and decided to share. This is President GEJ in Kano for a rally to welcome back former governor Ibrahim Shekarau back into the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) fold...where he danced heartily while the country was still reeling from the attack. But the in-thing is that this trending photo caught GEJ in a compromising situation getting his groove on by unnamed pdp lady.

omg!!!! Naija na wah...i don't think Gej meant this. lol

[READ] Badoo Love: How kidnappers lure men into their graves with online dates

Members of a five-man gang of kidnappers, including a lady, have given a gory detail of how they lure men through a popular online dating website known as Badoo to a lonely spot where they attack and rob them of their valuables while the unfortunate ones will be strangled.
The suspects, Micheal Eneji, his brother, Emmanuel Eneji, Chukwu Chibueze, Gift Princess, and Lekia Emmaden Isaac, were apprehended by the Rivers State police command  days after the family of one of their latest victims, Shola Olaseinde reported the victim missing.
He was later found in a decomposing state in a bush, close to a deserted pipeline area at Eleme, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Few metres away, was also the decomposed body of another victim, who was later identified as Mr. Progress Benin Disi, a staffer of Shell Oil servicing company whose family had also reported missing since March 7, 2014.

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!! Tunisian leader takes massive paycut

President Marzouki: a great example to follow
President Marzouki: a great example to follow

Tunisia’s President Moncef Marzouki announced on Friday his decision to voluntarily take a two-thirds pay cut as the government grapples with a financial situation it has described as “critical.”
“We are facing a financial and economic crisis. The state must be a model… That is why I have decided to lower the legal salary of the president of the republic to a third” of its current level, Marzouki said in a statement.
The Tunisian economy has suffered from the....

EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: Drunken Mobile Policeman Tafa Mohammed, Caught Assaulting Two Women Over Piece Of Fish In Lagos

PHOTOS: Policeman caught brutalizing women over piece of fish in Lagos

WARNING: THIS VIDEO CLIP MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOUNG VIEWERS. A drunken police officer with the Mobile Police, or Mopol, Unit #20, in Lagos, who was later identified as Tafa Mohammed, was caught breaking the law. A citizen video photographer captured officer Mohammed brutalizing two women with a hidden camera, filming this disturbing footage at a safe distance. This illegal action by the officer erupted when a street food vendor would not issue him fish to finish up his beer. The food vendor was said to have declined to sell fish alone, except to those buying food with it, a vendor policy that angered the policeman. Mohammed, a mobile policeman, was reeking of alcohol, say eyewitnesses to this event. Mohammed took on a female customer who was buying food from the same vendor at the time he got there, and threw her into a nasty pond of putrid muddy water.
This assault on the two women took place at Lewis Street, Lafiaji, Obalende on the Lagos Island. Mohammed is seen drawing a rifle and pointing it at one of the women, an act of 'pistol whipping,' and he was backed-up with the presence of a second MOPOL officer. One round of ammunition was fired.
The torture reportedly caused internal injuries for the victim. A crowd of bystanders, and pedestrians can be heard shouting their displeasure at both officers.

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Friday, April 18, 2014





NICE! Estranged wife Of Tchidi Chikere, Sophia Chikere Floats Perfume Line ‘Sophia’s Secret’

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According the news making the round, the estranged beautiful wife of nollywood movie producer Sophia Chikere, has launched her own line of perfumes. The perfume brand known as, ‘Sophia’s Secret’, was floated Tuesday, April 2014.
On the feat, Sophia disclosed that a lot of...

LATEST!! Strange armed men camp in Bauchi forest


The presence of strange armed men in a forest around Darazo area in Bauchi State has sent fears into residents. This is coming at a time the state Police Commissioner, Mohammed Ladan, said the command had received reports of camping of the men in the forest and that he had detailed security operatives to monitor their activities.
The fear of residents over the presence  of the armed men in Darazo forests were  heightened by series of attacks in the state, the latest being the brutal killing of two customs officials yesterday, in Darazo area.

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[READ] 5 ways to ‘fire’ a bridesmaid without spoiling your friendship

Have you ever had to fire a bridesmaid? Ok now READ!

Your wedding day. It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. You’ve met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Most likely, you’ve been planning for a year or more. You have a perfect vision of how the whole thing will go down. But there’s one problem, one hitch in the grand affair that could ruin everything: You have to fire one of your bridesmaids.
Yeah. It’s awkward. And you can’t exactly hand her a pink slip and go about your business. I mean, you could. If you were a monster. But we’re going to assume that you aren’t. So how did this even happen, where did it all go so wrong?
When you started planning your wedding, you couldn’t imagine doing it without her. She’s that friend you’ve known forever, and while you haven’t always seen eye to eye and have gone stretches of time without speaking to each other, you’re blissed out on love and you want her to be part of that. Until the actual planning gets under way, that is.
Then, through a series of misadventures, you realized your mistake. She’s impossible to get a hold of, she didn’t buy her dress in time, she makes rude remarks about the groom, she is being more of a Bridezilla than you’d ever dream of being. Whatever the reason, the only solution you see? Asking her to bow out. But can you do this without ruining the friendship altogether? Can you guys weather the storm? Using these 5 tips, you totally can.

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[MUST READ] IF HE HITS YOU, RUN!! Don't listen to no pastor or family member to 'stay' - Estella Ogbonna Recalls

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17 months ago, I quietly walked away from an abusive marriage after just 8 months that felt like my whole lifetime!

I was ashamed that I ended up making the 'wrong choice' after all the other suitors I thought were wrong and said no to. SO, I hid away to heal in USA.... God healed me to get back on my feet again to face my career!

I had to summon up courage to even sketch and sew! I was verbally, emotionally and physically abused till I lost faith in myself and abilities.

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Omg!! P0rn star Afro Candy Cries out, Says She's Been Bewitched!

According to source, things beyond human comprehension are beginning to happen to actress, Afro Candy.
First it's her taking to her social network to ask for assistance for her daughter's university school fees. Now, the actress says she needs your prayers.

According to her recent tweet, Candy says she suspects witches and enemies of progress are after her.

As she revealed that she has booked for four photo-shoot sessions but hasn't been able to attend any because her stomach gets.....

BAD!! 2 killed as bomb rocks PDP chieftain’s home

Expolsion River

The residence of President- General of Egi Peoples Assembly (EPA), in Ogbogu in Ogba /Egbema /Nodoni Local Government Area of Rivers State,  Chief Oris Onyiri, has been bombed. Two persons died in the attack, which occurred at about 10pm, Wednesday .
One of the victims was...

PHOTO: 'I Begged Him to Use a Condom, but He Refused' - Woman Narrates How DPO Inspector Ajiduwe Raped her


Trouble is brewing at a police division, Lagos Island following claims by a mother of two that she was raped by the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, while in detention at the station.
The 31-year‑old Beninoise, identified as Idowu Akinwunmi, works as a sales girl in a restaurant on Keffi Road, in Ikoyi area of the state.

She was reportedly picked by some policemen from Onikan division, following a complaint lodged by her boss, one Mrs Pelumi Idowu, over an undisclosed reason, at about 1 am. She said she was thrown into the cell on reaching the station.

However, at about 10 pm, Akinwunmi said one Inspector Ajiduwe called her out of the cell and took her to the....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

BIZARRE!!! Man 37 beheads 2 –year-old, rapes mother

A  middle age man,  who allegedly beheaded  a 2- year-old boy in Ofada, village,  Owode- Egba, Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State  has been arrested  by the Police in the state.
The suspect, Mamodu Bashir Ibrahim, a Nigerien  allegedly committed the heinous crime after he had raped the mother of the  late boy.
The suspect reportedly trailed the woman into the bush, pounced on her, despite the...

[NOT FOR MINORS] Sexual expression, central in marriage

WARNING!!!!! Please before you start reading, we want to notify that this piece is not intended for minors but culled as a help/guide for married couples. Thanks.

A couple relocated from England to Nigeria to take up a family business and a few days ago, they were in my office for a deep soul searching confab. From the look of things, their sexual life hit the rock few months after their arrival due to their new lifestyle in Nigeria. Things are not just as they used to be.
While the wife was of the opinion that they can make their sexual life at least close to what they had way back, the husband was very uncomfortable with the demand.  After all said and done, he blurted out, “Madam, how can my wife expect the best sex and still have it regularly? To be honest with you, where we came from, there is a working system unlike here and my wife is not just ready to face reality. How can I face Lagos unending terrible traffic while going to work and while coming back and still come home and pretend all is well? As a matter of fact, I do not have energy for sex  most times when I am back from work and my wife never seems to just understand the fact that I can’t have sex with her like I used to; I’m just too busy.”

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S’court Voids Igbo Law That Denies Female Inheritance

RULING as discriminatory and in conflict with the constitution of the Igbo law and custom that prohibits female children from inheriting their late father’s estate, the Supreme Court yesterday nullified the practice.

In its judgment on the appeal filed in 2004 by Mrs. Lois Chituru Ukeje (wife of the late Lazarus Ogbonna Ukeje) and their son, Enyinnaya Lazarus Ukeje, against Mrs. Cladys Ada Ukeje (the deceased’s daughter), the apex court held that the practice conflicts with Section 42(1)(a) and (2) of the Nigerian Constitution.

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s.O.s To Governor Fashola and Entire Nigerians - Please Save Me From Severe SCOLIOSIS


The Executive Governor of Lagos State
His Excellency Babatunde Raji Fashola
The Governor's Office, Lagos State Secretariat
Alausa - Ikeja
Lagos State

Your Excellency Sir,


 My name is Kelechi Ihegwu and I have resorted to use this medium to reach out to you publicly to rescue me from this life threatening severe scoliosis; a condition I have had to live with throughout my infancy but has worsened in adult hood.
At first, my peculiar situation was medically declared helpless until an institution in UK which had developed interest in me over the years, emerged (after numerous researches) with discoveries and breakthrough in the methodology of conducting a successful corrective surgery that will better my health and living conditions. Despite the scars, discomfort and pains that this deforming ailment has inflicted on me I have struggled to keep hope alive by trusting ultimately in God, attaining academic pursuits and artistic excellence as a make-up artiste.

The kind wishes and donations of well-meaning Nigerians have also been quite encouraging however it is still a very far cry as I have raised about 10% of the money and need about N13.5M from the whooping N15 million Naira required for the corrective surgery in England.

Your excellency sir, I am inspired by your passionate disposition towards helping, supporting and encouraging all Lagosians to live well-meaning and impactful lives, to appeal that you intervene in my case that I may also enjoy a new lease of life.

Thanks in anticipation for your kind consideration sir I believe strongly that even as you set out to aid me, you will also experience divine intervention with the Almighty creator of mankind (God) in all your endeavours.



Account details


GTB 0008250589 .

Yours Sincerely,
Kelechi Uhegwu

Please anyone that it touches to help Kelechi, should kindly contact her and donate whatever he or she can. No amount is too small. Thanks!

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OPINION: A dancing President and a mourning nation

Dear Nigerians, let me first commiserate with the families of our fellow compatriots whose lives were brutally cut short by the terror attack at the Nyanya Park in Abuja on Monday. These are indeed difficult times for the nation and the families of those whose lives were terminated in their prime by a terror group that has since lost all sense of humanity. What could possibly be the reason for that early morning mayhem? What explanation would suffice for this man’s inhumanity to man? Innocent Nigerians, who had no premonition of death, were brutally murdered in that unprovoked attack. Fellow Nigerians, our country is in a state of war. We can no longer pretend about this. What is happening in our country today is worse than any of such crimes in history. This systemic decimation of our people by Boko Haram and other mindless killings across the country are unprecedented. This country is drifting dangerously towards the precipice.
The ship of state is sinking and unfortunately no one is doing anything about this dangerous slide to the abyss. Our country has become a killing field close to what happened in Somalia. The situation has degenerated to the level where Nigerians do not even know where the next attack will take place. It is that bad. Nigerians are now confused. The government is clueless over what to do. This is, obviously, is a failure of intelligence occasioned by incompetence. Now, Nigerians are just living each day as it comes hoping that they will not get caught up in this senseless tragedy. What can they do but to hope and pray that they will not fall victim to Boko Haram’s murderous rage? What is worse, fellow Nigerians, is the frightening feeling of the absence of leadership in tackling the security challenges in our country today. This is very worrisome indeed.

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Easter: U.S. Warns Citizens of Possible Dangers in Nigeria

The U.S. Department of State on Wednesday warned American citizens living in Nigeria over possible attacks that might be carried out by extremists during the forthcoming Easter celebration that will begin on Friday through Monday.
This warning came barely 48 hours after the United States issued a fresh travel alert for Nigeria as a result of the bomb blast that reportedly claimed 75 lives and a lot of properties in Nyanya area of Abuja.
“The Government of Nigeria has declared.....