Monday, September 30, 2013

VIDEO: INTRODUCING!!!! Doctor Damages Episode 106 (Highlights from the 68th UN General Assembly)

In this special edition of Dr. Damages Show, the good doctor presents the highlights from the 68th UN General Assembly, including the diplomatic and undiplomatic gist. Dr. Damages x-rays Present Jonathan's meeting with President Obama. Using an ultrasound machine, Dr. Damages captures the responses of Obama to Jonathan's remarks at the meeting. In doing so, Dr. Damages discovers the hardest job in the world- transcribing the remarks of President Jonathan. He proposes a law that mandates the president to speak only Ijaw when abroad, with a provision for translators to turn his words into English. Dr. Damages' crack reporters unearth Adeola's past encounter with President Jonathan on the street of New York City two years ago. The reporters expose the question that Adeola asked then but was afraid to ask President Jonathan this time around.  Making special appearances are Robert Mugabe, Rita Dominic, Hassan Rouhani, Omar Hassan al-Bashir and Dilma Rousseff.

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Wats Up Peep..Its Ur girl Adeola: VIDEO - Keeping It Real With Adeola - Eps. 91

In this episode of Keeping It Real, Adeola interviews President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria while he was walking on the streets of New York, during the UN General Assembly.
Adeola also remembers the victims of #Westgate Mall in Kenya, urging Nigeria to learn from how Kenyan government responded to the attack.
In her characteristic way, Adeola also explains what is at stake as Nigerian government opens a Sovereign Wealth Fund among other stories.

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[YOUR HEALTH] Pneumonia, deadly but preventable

Pneumonia is a form of acute respiratory infection that affects the lungs. Scientists say the lungs are made up of small sacs called alveoli, which fill with air when a healthy person breathes. “However, when an individual has pneumonia, the alveoli are filled with pus and fluid, causing cough with phlegm or pus, fever, chills and difficulty breathing. It makes breathing painful and limits oxygen intake,” says General Practitioner, Dr. Abiola Lanre-Iyanda.

The World Health Organisation notes that pneumonia is the single largest cause of death in children worldwide.

Mode of contact

Lanre-Iyanda says one can be infected with pneumonia anywhere and at any time, including in the office, school, or the hospital. “In short, wherever there are humans, the possibility of getting the infection is there,” the physician warns.

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E.V.I.L DELIVERANCE VIDEO: Nollywood "Actor Jim Iyke’s" TB Joshua's Synagogue church deliverance

This is a real Video not Movie...No Gimmicks! lol
Nollywood actor jim Iyke being delivered at the Synagogue church of all nations.

*Jim Iyke at the deliverance session

A video showing Nollywood bad boy Jim Iyke in a deliverance session at the Synagogue Church of all Nations has surfaced online.
This is not a movie. The video captured the actor thrashing about and in fits as a group of men believed to be part of a prayer team at the church battled to restrain him while another continued to scream “Out!!”
The Synagogue church has posted a confirmation on their Facebook was that indeed it was the actor that was delivered.
Their statement reads in part… As Wise Man Daniel ministered prayer in Jesus’ name, Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke, of international fame, was arrested by the power of the Holy Spirit. The evil spirit that had tormented his life for so many years began to manifest, confessing that it was the cause of his setback and disappointment. It (evil spirit) confessed that it was the biggest and that it was only God’s grace that had kept him (Jim)…

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Chilling Video: Girl Gives Birth on the Streets Baby Daddy Gets Caught by Wife

VIDEO: Girl gives birth on the streets as baby daddy gets caught by wife

Watch video of a Girl Giving Birth on the Streets as the Baby Daddy Gets Caught by Wife during the process. One thing i have to say is that this video is very breath taking, i can't even finish watching my self.


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[Plz Read] A woman’s struggle to stay out of prison

Gloria Ogunbadejo
Gloria Ogunbadejo
I was recently contacted to see an old client I worked with several years ago who had returned to Nigeria after a time in prison and intense therapy.
She has since returned to the UK and has reoffended. Today I look back at the work we did and ponder on what went wrong. I worked with Kemi for four years and at the end of our work together, she graciously acquiesced to my publishing vignettes from her therapy.
Kemi (not her real name) was 39 when we first met. I was making assessments of a new group of women who had recently been given prison sentences and had just arrived at the prisons to begin their sentences.
In the prisons, this is always a tricky time when prisoners first arrive. I was asked to make an assessment of the women who had been picked for me to see. I had to make a determination if they were suitable for individual or group therapy.
Out of the eight women I saw, five were white and three black. Kemi was the only African.  From the minute Kemi came into my presence, she was in battle mode. Most of the women who enter the psychological programme tend be very grateful for the opportunity to focus on their behaviour and past choices with the view to making better choices in the future. In that respect, from a therapist’s perspective there is a natural willingness on the clients’ part to work hard, with less resistance to the process than we might find with a different population.

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Lesbianism Is A Sign Of End Of Time: Nollywood Actress Ejiro Okurame Expose

Actress Ejiro Okurame is one of the few ladies who have been around in Nollywood for sometime now but has not been able to break into the so called A-list category. But why? Could it be that she is not getting the kind of juicy scripts others get because of refusal to "play"?

Below is her revelations on the mess of sexual immorality in Nollywood:

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VERY EVIL: How Gunmen massacre 78 sleeping students in Yobe

Gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram sect members yesterday went on rampage in Gujba community, Yobe state where they opened fire on the students of the College of Agriculture, Gujba, at 3a.m. as they slept in their hostels. They later moved to other houses, where they killed residents at will.
They also blocked the Damaturu-Maiduguri road and killed travellers.
At the end of the attack, 78 persons lay dead, while several others were still missing.
According to members of the community,,,,,

Friday, September 27, 2013

R½GGING: INEC won’t provide security for observers, says Jega

AS the 2015 general elections draw nearer, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has advised intending observers of the poll to make their own security arrangements.

This advice was given, yesterday, in Abuja by the Chairman of INEC Prof Attahiru Jega, in his remarks at a one- day workshop organised by the commission, entitled “Election Observation Outside Nigeria; Lessons Learnt.”

Jega further stated that all over the world, apart from Venezuela, election observers were always...

[IMAGINE?] Our people are suffering & Our Leaders are not Serious, says Senate

Senators on Thursday, unanimously submitted that the nation’s leaders, apart from those who fought for its independence, 53 years ago, had failed to provide the required leadership that could make the country socio-economically independent.
They also admitted  that the nation’s leadership since the return to full democratic rule, 14 years ago, had taken no serious step to tackle corruption,  unemployment, rot in the education sector, decayed infrastructure and nepotism.
However, while some of them believed that the situation could be improved upon through a change of attitude by the leadership, others believed that a total take over of government by the progressive politicians in 2015 would save the country from the current mess.

Who is Fooling who?

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vaginal infection
Do you know that no fragrance, however potent, can overpower an offensive odour from the genital area? By that, we mean the vagina, anus and other organs of the groin.
In a new study published in the Journal of Internal and Reproductive Medicine, researchers say that the state of your genital is the best way a woman can know if she is healthy or not.
They note that though it is not every smell or discharge from the area that is abnormal,   it is also  perfectly natural to have a slight sweet smell that is non-offensive. But a strong and foul odour is a strong indication of an infection.
 Chief Gyneacologist at the May Clinic , New York, Dr. Anthony Parks, says apart from sexually transmitted infections,  a smelly crotch could result from  poor personal or genital hygiene.
He says,“The genital area is moist and warm. Bacteria can grow easily there. Excretions from the vagina, perspiration and urine can build up thereby making it even easier for the bacteria to grow if we do not care for them the way we should.”
Parks states that it is important to regularly wash the anus and the vagina, but warns that failure to do so could put one at greater risk of.....

Angry passengers block Abuja airport runway

Angry passengers on Thursday evening blocked the runway of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, preventing planes from taking-off or landing.
Findings by our correspondent revealed that the blockade was caused by passengers who disembarked from...

[BOMBSHELL!!] ‘Shame, shame, shame’ Mugabe tells U.S., Britain

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe on Thursday berated the U.S. and former colonial power Britain and its allies for trying to control his nation and its resources.

“Shame, shame, shame to the U.S. Shame, shame, shame to Britain and its allies,” Mugabe, 89, said in a speech to the UN General Assembly.

“Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans, so are its resources. Please remove your illegal and filthy sanctions from my peaceful country.”

Mugabe said that the...

ASUU STRIKE 2013: ASUU tackles VC over plan to recall students

The Academic Staff  Union of Universities, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko branch, has threatened a showdown with the management of the institution, should it make good its plans to recall students and lecturers to campus.
The union advised parents  to keep their children at home, warning that members were ready to resist the management’s  plans to reopen the university despite the ongoing strike.

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VIDEO & AUDIO: This Is Just The Beginning Of War That Will Befall Nigeria Says Boko Haram Leader Shekau

This is to the people, who call themselves Nigerians; it is Shekau that is speaking since you said he has died. Here is something new (Shouts)
It is me that has come out to counter the lies and speculations.
I believe you are watching and listening to me. Sagir Musa (spokesman of JTF) will be sad now and really angry. I pity Sagir Musa. This is just beginning of another war that will befall Nigeria.
 It is just starting and new beginning. I know Oladipo Diya will be sad, Jonathan too will not be happy but angry, Obama will be angry, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will be sad too.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

VIDEO: Baboon Grabs Fox Female Reporters BQQbs Live On Air


The moment a cheeky baboon groped shocked TV reporter's breast live on air... before giving the cameras a wide grin.
A baboon made the most of his fifteen minutes of fame by grabbing a female reporter's breast live on air, before looking straight into the camera and giving it a wide grin.

Sabrina Rodriguez, who presents for Fox 40 in Sacramento, California, was shooting a....
teaser for a report on the Lodi Grape Festival on September 12 when the cheeky monkey seized his chance and clamped his paw on her right breast.

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[Ermmm!] FG Declares Free Treatment For Dog Bite Victims

The Federal Government has declared free treatment in all tertiary hospitals in the country for dog bite victims, the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, said.
The minister announced the plan in Abuja on Thursday when he...

Deportation: Fashola finially tenders unreserved apology to Igbos

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Thursday offered an unreserved apology for the misunderstanding generated by the alleged deportation of some destitutes to Onitsha, Anambra State.
The state government was accused of dumping 70 beggars at Onitsha Bridge on July 24, a situation that generated public outcry and bad blood.
The government had said it relocated the 14 people to Onitsha after rehabilitating them, but the explanations did not appease the aggrieved Igbos, who felt they were being badly treated and hated.

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BIZARRE VIDEO: Another Nigeria Police Extortion In Onitsha

Venue: Onitsha Area Command, Anambra State.
Officers: Stephen Iduh, Anselem Ukachukwu, J. O Daudu of the Servicom Unit. as at Friday 20th Sept. 2013.  Nigeria Police reform on hand, as they extorted these people of 10,000 naira after taking them to the station.


Oya "Ngozi Bread" over to una....Shame on Nigeria Police Force!

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WTF! 8,000 Women Seek Husbands In Zamfara

photo illustration of nigeria ladies

Over 8,000 women on Thursday marched to the Zamfara Hisbah Commission seeking the state government’s assistance to enable them get married.
Led by the Chairperson of the Zamfara Widows Association, Hajiya Suwaiba Isa and their patron Alhaji Sa’idu Goshe, the women said they were not living a....

[MUST READ] How good are Nigerian men in bed?

I  mean you have seen the way men drive in Nigeria: fast and furious, in a hurry to get nowhere! Might it be that the way a man drives is a reflection of his bedtime activity? And, of course, I also wanted to ask: Is the lack of good sex driving women to fat in Nigeria?
You must have seen the scene before, where, after copulating, the man looked like the cat that got the cream, while the woman looked despondent and was busy searching under the pillow, the bed and in the wardrobe: for her orgasm!

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VIDEO: Boy has a nose grown on his Fore head

Chinese man has new nose grown on his FOREHEAD to replace the original which was damaged in a car crash Xiaolian, 22, damaged his nose in a traffic accident in August 2012.

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[YOUR HEALTH] Treatment of breast cancer in Alternative Medicine (7)

Today’s column, seventh in this series, was not part of the presentation to the College of Integrative and Alternative Medicine. It is an outgrowth which reinforces belief in Alternative Medicine that cancer can be cured.
This column brings good tidings all around. First, the Nigerian gentleman in England who went there in January, in search of a cure for Stage 4 (terminal) colon cancer which had spread to the liver, one lung and kidney, should return home in November, a healthier man two months after he added six herbs to his treatment protocols of chemotherapy and radiation as described in earlier parts of this series, a scan report revealed 25 per cent shrinkage of the tumour. Another two months on, blood markers of the cancer had decreased from 1,400 to 500. The consultants described his recovery as “unusual” and said he could come home, and return in February next year for checks. The second case is that of a gentleman in Nigeria challenged with prostate cancer confirmed by a biopsy after a PSA (Prostate Sensitive Antigen) reading of over 160 against a normal range of 0 – 4. Last week, within one month of an aggressive herbal therapy, the PSA fell from 164.7 to 114. He is happy and hopeful of another crash later next month.
As a reminder, this is the seventh part in the serialisation of the text of a presentation by FEMI KUSA at the maiden seminar of the College of Integrative Medicine held at the Water Parks, Toyin Street, Lagos, on August 1 and2, 2013.

The college was founded to train members of the National Integrative Medicine Practitioners Association (NIMPA). Now let me introduce her…
who is she?
MrsOlusolaSowemimo is an alternative medicine enthusiast who continues to dig for knowledge, having been raised by parents who embraced healthy nutrition. In her quest for knowledge, she attended the 41st Cancer Control Society Convention in California and shares her experience. She enjoys learning, sharing and guiding others with similar interests. She writes from Lagos.
When a loved one passed away about five years ago from complications arising from cancer, I got curious and started to do a lot of reading and all manner of research on this dreaded topic. It is so prevalent now that, there is hardly anyone who does not know someone battling cancer. It is as though if it is on a rampage. It does not know class or gender.
In my findings, I also realise that there is very little that conventional doctors do to help, apart from putting patients through those powerful and mostly toxic drugs used in chemotherapy.

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VERY SAD: MC Loph's Mum Passes Away Exactly Two Years Of His Demise

Click for Full Image Size

It's indeed another great loss to the family of Obiajulu as the dejected aged-mother of the late entertainer, Mc Loph, Mrs. Obiajulu bowed out a few days ago.

The death of the woman was said to have been caused by....

EXPOSED! Obasanjo’s sister owns Apo building where squatters were killed

The unfinished building where security forces killed at least seven squatters Friday, September 20, in the Apo neighbourhood of Abuja, belongs to Mrs. Adunni Oluwole Salisu, believed to be the sister to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, a...