Monday, March 31, 2014

[*NOT FOR MINORS!] What men should know about women’s privates

WARNING! Please before you read, this piece is not is any way intended for minors. Thanks!

A wise girl saw some of her male classmates plucking mangoes. She pleaded for one, but they refused and asked her to climb. She climbed and plucked as many as possible. When she got home, her mother asked, “My dear, how did you get all these mangoes?” She replied, “I asked my classmates to give me, they refused and told me to climb. So, I climbed the tree and plucked them.”
The mother shouted and said, “Foolish girl, didn’t you know that they wanted to see your pant?” The girl smiled and said, “I know mama, that’s why I removed it before climbing.”
This article is for men and it discusses what they need to know about this all-important female body part — the vagina (also called the birth canal). This is a no-holds-barred health information supplement for you. If you cannot deal with such details, then please stop reading now. If you can, just lie back and enjoy.

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MamaG's Plaza: Photos - Grand Opening Of Patience Ozokwo Plaza In Enugu

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According to reports, Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwo a.k.a Mama G, G For General Opened Her Multi Million Naira Plaza In Coal City Garden Enugu. The event was said to have in Attendance Nollywood celebrities such as John Okafor Mr Ibu, Stan Amandi, Angela Okorie, Aneke Twins, Ejiro, Charlse Awurum; also Hon Commissioner for Tourism Enugu State and many more.
The event was held on the 29th march 2014 in the Coal City State.

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HUSBAND SNATCHING! Tchidi Chikere’s calls Critics "TOUTs" over his marriage with Secret Lover Nuella

Nollywood movie director Mr Tchidi Chikere who made headlines recently for dumping his wife for his long time seceret lover Nuella Njubigbo has officially responded his critics over his marriage to Nuella.
After his Traditional marriage to Ms Nuella, Tchidi  yesterday used the twitter to lash out to those hating over over his marriage to Nuella by letting them know that his is glad to marry his heartthrob Nuella and such he will not respond to Touts who judge issue they know nothing about.

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SAD! Another Policeman kills baby, batters wife in Edo

According to Vanguard report has it that  a Policeman (names witheld), allegedly killed his 19-month-old baby after battering his wife in Benin, weekend.
Vanguard gathered that the incident occurred at a flat in Sam Enobakhare Crescent, off St. Saviour Road, Benin.

His wife said last Tuesday they were at home when her husband’s....

LATEST! Plot to attack army post service estate uncovered


A plot by suspected member of the Boko Haram terrorists group to attack the Nigerian Army Post Service estate, located at Kurudu, a satellite town in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has been uncovered by eagle eyed soldiers on duty.

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REVEALED!! CAN President, Oristsejafor tells why Pastors are richer than their members

President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor recently bared his mind concerning the controversies surrounding churches and their flamboyant pastors.

On why there are so many poor people in churches yet rich pastors, Oritsejafor who recently completed an ultra modern 40,000 capacity church auditorium in Warri, Delta State, said

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

ABUJA TERROR UPDATE! President Jonathan Is Safe - Presidency

President Goodluck Jonathan

Following today’s daring jailbreak attempt staged by some detained Boko Haram insurgents  at the State Security Service (SSS) headquarters in Abuja, Reuben Abati, a spokesman for President Goodluck Jonathan, has stated that the Nigerian leader remained safe.
In a statement released moments ago, Mr. Abati assured that the president was not in any way affected by the bloody shootout between security operatives and detained members of the Boko Haram sect who attempted to escape.
Mr. Abati's terse statement, which was  released on social media, stated: "What happened at the SSS HQ this morning was an attempted jailbreak which has been effectively foiled. There is no cause for alarm.
“What happened at the SSS HQs has nothing to do with the Villa. President Jonathan is safe & well. Thank you for your concern & support.”

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TERROR!! Nigeria's Secret Police Headquarters In Abuja Held To Ransom By Boko Haram Detainees

According to Saharareporters; Boko Haram militants detained at the State Security Services facility in Abuja took over the complex for over six hours after disarming SSS agents guarding the facility.
The audacious action of the detainees led to....

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Klint D Drunk's Performance at Yaw Live on Stage

The stage play "The Street" will hold on Sunday March 30 at Eko Hotel & Suites, VI.  Regular ticket: N5, 000. VIP: N10, 000
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OMGGG!!! Believe it or not, I’m still a virgin! — Adokiye

Adokiye pose for Camera

No time for long cut every story short,  below is how Vanguard reported it;

The Love You Better and Kulumo crooner, who only turned 23 yesterday has been called many names, and most of those have sexuality hanging around them. So one could imagine my surprise and sheer incredulity when the singer opened up to me that she is actually a virgin.
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PHOTO: Mystery river where mermaids appear and also where non-natives drown


Uke River in Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa state looks like any other river. Calm, serene, it provides water for plants and animals around its path.
But beyond all these, the river harbours a deep mystery which is yet to be resolved. Natives of Uke, a community in Karu from where the river took its name say, at least, three persons  drown  in the river yearly. And most worrisome, according to villagers, is that the natives are never the victims. The latest victims are three pupils from Enugu State who drowned last month.
One of the recent victims was Ifeanyi Onah, a 14-year-old boy who drowned in mysterious circumstance in the river. Since the drowning of Ifeanyi, the family of Mr Emeka Onah has not been the same again.  To Mr Onah, it was unimaginable that his son could drown in the dreaded river because of the   mysterious things happening around it.

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PHOTOS: Femi Segun, Yeni Kuti’s ex-husband burial

Late Femi Segun
The former husband of the first daughter of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti died on March 21 following an accident on his power bike has been laid to rest.
His wife, Bisi, his ex-wife, Yeni Kuti, and his two daughters were present at the burial ceremony. Also attended the burial are numerous relations, friends, sympathisers, artistes, academics, former school mates at the Igbobi College Lagos and University of Ife , now Obafemi Awolowo University.

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Let’s talk about the Nigerian church (3)

What we don’t speak against, we speak in favour of, and what we don’t act against, we act on behalf of. A man remains at the centre of evil if he speaks not to shatter the spine of evil. The four walls of the Nigerian church seem to be in romance with countless unwholesome activities.We speak to these ills not because it is a joy ride doing so, but because we understand that it is evil in itself when we maintain silent in the face of plethora perpetrations of wrongs.
It is factual that the Nigerian church and the Nigerian society are conjoined twins with calcified conundrums.The list of atrocities perpetrated within the four walls of some of our churches is endless.Evil in church is evil everywhere around it, and we cannot neglect what is going on in church and expect sanity to take place in the society at large. If judgment will begin from the House of God, according to God’s word, it means that which is right and righteous must begin from it. The church’s enemies are within and they are blasphemers and betrayers of Christ in the pew and on the pulpit. “O you blasphemers and betrayers of Christ! If Christ had done what you are doing who would ever have been spared” (Martin Luther).

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SECURITY! Armed soldiers raid Al-Mustapha’s residence

Armed men, believed to be soldiers, Friday evening, raided one of the residences of Major Hamza Al Mustapha (rtd), former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha,  located at Durbin Katsina, Kano metropolis, leaving in its wake sordid tales of rights violation and molestation.

The heavily armed men, who reportedly came in trucks and  tanks,  allegedly cordoned  several streets leading to the house and seized the.....

PHOTOs of The Acclaimed Husband Snatching Actress Nuella Njubigbo & Tchidi Chikere's Trad Wedding

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 According to source Nollywood movie producer Tchidi Chikere who dumped his estranged wife (Sophia) for Nuella Njubigbo have tied the knot in a traditional marriage setting with Ms Nuella. Due to negative responses they received concerning their relationship, they went ahead and did their thing low key. It was reported that only few friends and few family members witnessed the event.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

SUPER SWINDLE! How bankers defraud depositors of N1.3bn in 2 banks


  • Millions withdrawn from ATM machines in a day
Exactly 12am on March 20, 2014, the relative peace in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ethel Nnadi was shattered when an alert came on his phone. 
The short message ringtone woke up the couple already entangled in each other’s arms in a deep sleep. The wife, who knows her husband’s ring tone, hissed aloud imagining the woman that would send a text to her husband at that time of the night.
Also surprised and ready to beg for forgiveness, Ethel picked his phone. As soon as he saw the content, he jerked up from the bed shouting Ole! Ole! (Meaning: Thief! Thief!)
The content of the message was an alert from his bank that N133,420 was just debited from his account. It came in the form below:

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[*ONLY FOR MARRIED COUPLES] Give sex priority for a good relationship

Do you know how much hugging and cuddling your partner needs before and after intercourse? How about the sexual fantasies each partner nurtures? Paying a little extra attention to our sex life may be all it takes to transform it to an intense experience. Couples put lots of efforts into their career, friendship and parenting-they read books and improve on all other areas in their lives. Well, that is not a bad idea at all. But good sex requires the same level of learnt information and attention, which means making time for sex matters a lot.
Hug each other for 20 seconds each day and flirt with each other. Even when there isn’t time for sex, make sure your mate knows you want to have one with him or her at any possible time. Leave a romantic message on your partner’s phone or e-mail. Daydream about making love to your spouse while doing the laundry, dishes, and while at work or during your free time and so on. Once in a while, while getting ready for bed, light a scented candle and play romantic music on the radio or CD player. This is one of the best firework stimulants. Anytime the opportunity arises, give your spouse a one-minute shoulder rub. Go as far as renting a romantic movie and watch it together after the children might have retired to their rooms. One of the secrets of sexual firework is that the fervour, closeness and passion must never be taken for granted because one in three men wishes their wives were better in bed.

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