Monday, June 30, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Troops Bust Terrorists' Intelligence Network, Arrest A Key Actor In Chibok Abduction

Babuji Ya’ari, businessman and Civilian JTF member involved in abduction of School Girls in Chibok
A terrorists’ intelligence cell headed by a businessman who participated actively in the abduction of School Girls in Chibok has been busted by troops.   The man, Babuji Ya’ari who is also a member of the Youth Vigilante Group popularly known as Civilian JTF which he uses as cover while remaining an active terrorist, also spearheaded the murder of the Emir of Gwoza.  His main role in the group is to....

jUST iN: Keshi, Yobo quit Super Eagles

Super Eagles coach, Stephen Okechukwu Keshi has resigned his appointment after leading the team to the second round of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Speaking after the Eagles were eliminated by France in the round of 16 match in Brasilia, Monday, the Delta State-born tactician said it was time to.....

Today's Photo #YourVoteIsYourRice: #Nigeria Politicians & Bag of Rice


During the weekend, former Zamfara State governor Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi, who is planning to contest again as Governor of the state in 2015, shared bags of rice to his people for Ramadan, making sure to let them know that he’s contesting again.
Shinkafi was governor of Zamfara State in 2007 to 2011 and was Aisha Babaginda’s second husband.

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EXCLUSIVE!! Nigeria plays through country's pain -- Pablo S. Torre

It is not often that the de-facto epicenter of human suffering on this planet prepares to play in a World Cup elimination game. So this morning, at 9:15 sharp, I walked over to the two buses idling in the media parking lot outside the Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha.
In a mass email sent by the FIFA Media Office on Saturday, the international media had been informed that shuttles would be chartered -- free of charge -- to ferry any journalists who wished to observe Nigeria's training session at a club team's field nearby. Fearing that I was late, I first checked the windows of the rear coach. It was empty. So I walked onto the bus in front, and found exactly two people sitting inside.
One of my fellow passengers was a bespectacled man in a black baseball cap named Adewale Emosu, the sports editor of the Nigerian Tribune in Ibadaban. He shook my hand when I entered, almost as if he was relieved to see another human being. Then, a few minutes later, when a female photographer who said she was from Ghana walked in, Emosu couldn't help himself.
"African solidarity!" he shouted.
"We are all we have," she replied, grinning.

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MUST READ: Nothing Shocks Again

THE body counts from the war against terrorism are getting abnormal. Whether the losses are on the part of the security agencies or mere standbys, like school children, it is becoming clearer .that government needs to do more.

Terrorists may do all they can to make the country unsafe, but government has the responsibility to .not only protect us, it has to make us feel safe.

What we find more absurd is that the seasonal killings, their brutality, which the killers have .made their trademark, no longer shock.

The condemnations have thinned. We have moved on with obviously more important matters like who becomes whatever in 2015. We forget the killings quickly in order to sustain the .pretence that the union is in sane state.

Nigeria has lost thousands of lives to terrorists. Neither the numbers, nor those killed, appears to be important. Lives, no longer seem to count, they have become numbers, ordinary statistics, .kept for the records.

Which society watches its members decimated in this manner without being shocked into action? How can a society be so unfeeling when it cannot protect its young, its future?

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We don’t know where Chibok girls are – US

The United States said on Friday it had decreased its surveillance flights in the search for the about 219 schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram, but added that the overall effort was unchanged due to more flights by other countries.
It stated that it had no idea of the location of the girls, noting however that there is no letup in the efforts to locate and rescue them.
“We don’t have any better idea today than we did before about where these girls are, but there’s been no letup of the effort itself,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby told reporters, according to Reuters.

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VERY SAD!! Chibok burns again; as gunmen kill 51, burn Churches, houses

Gunmen suspected to be members of Boko Haram Islamic sect, yesterday, attacked some communities in Chibok and Biu local government areas of Borno State, killing no fewer than 51 people. Those killed were mostly Christian worshippers. Five churches including Cocin, EYN and Deeper Life Bible Church in Kwada village, about 10 kilometres from Chibok were also burnt down when the gunmen laid ambush on them during church service.

The attacks were carried out on a day the Federal Government said last week’s bomb attack on Abuja was meant to intimidate the government and that it is a struggle for power.

It was in Chibok town that 276 female students of Government Girls Secondary School were abducted by terrorists on April 14 this year.

Boko Haram had two weeks ago written to Chibok communities threatening to carry out further attacks.

The attackers, according to report from locals in Chibok, made....

LATEST! FBI reveals how Boko Haram, Niger Delta militants collaborate


Wren Thomas grew up in the middle of the cornfields of central Illinois, longing, he says, to do something important in his life “to make his family proud.” So when a cousin beckoned him to come work on boats off Louisiana, he jumped at the chance.

His goal: to be a ship captain, “the best that I could be.”

“It meant strength, accomplishment,’ he said when he finally was made a captain in 1991 and traveled the world for various shipping firms. With a wife, eventually three children and boat to lead, Capt. Wren Thomas had achieved his piece of the American dream.

“I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny,” he recalled during an interview in his attorney’s Houston office.

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‘Marriage to my brother’s widow has ruined me’

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo State capital,  has  dissolved a 15-year-old marriage between Ismaila Ayoade and Adija over her alleged spiritual retardation.

Mr Ezekiel Ogundipe, the  court president, said that her refusal to appear in court meant admission of guilt.

“It is a pity that Adija suddenly stopped coming to....

[READ] Nigeria Is A Failed State – Nda-Isaiah

After taking a critical look at the state of the nation, a presidential aspirant under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Sam Nda-Isaiah, yesterday concluded that Nigeria has collapsed as a result of corruption and bad governance.
The presidential hopeful, who spoke as a guest of a Kaduna-based radio station, Liberty FM, however, added that the country’s fortune is not beyond redemption.

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