Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PHOTO: Man Caught Red-handed While Stealing onboard Euro Contractor Flight from Lagos-Abuja

The man seen in the photo above was caught while stealing onboard an Aero contractors flight from Lagos- Abuja this morning. According to source, the 31 year old Dennis stole the sum of N350,000 from a.....
luggage belonging to an Austrian citizen known as Novotny Anton, who was on the same flight. Luck ran out of Dennis as he was spotted by a member of the airline’s cabin crew who saw him when he removed the Austrian’s bag from the cockpit as if he was changing his seat.
He took the bag to his own seat while giving the impression that he was changing his seat and stole N150, 000 from the bag and 500 Euros belonging to the Austrian.
A female cabin crew raised alarm, asked him to remain seated while he was trying to return the bag to the cockpit before the Austrian could suspect any foul play.
When the plane landed, the Austrian raised an alarm that he couldn't find his bag. The cabin crew member immediately led other passengers to Dennis who was searched and the money found on him.

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