Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SAD! Lion 'jumps into car and kills American woman' outside Johannesburg, South African nature park

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An American woman has been killed by a lion that jumped into a car and attacked her at a nature park outside Johannesburg in South Africa on Monday, according to reports.

The attack, at Lion Park outside Johannesburg, is said to have left another passenger of the....
car, a man, with serious injuries.

According to Scott Simpson, assistant operations manager at Lion Park mentioned that the pair may have been travelling in a car though the park with its windows open which prompted the lion to have jumped into the car and bitten the woman.
Scott Simpson added that the man was injured trying to protect the woman.

Simpson said the lion would be taken to a second property while the park investigates.

The park has had incidents before, all stemming from open windows, he said.

Visitors to the park are told not to leave their windows open. "That's absolutely forbidden at our park," said Simpson. "There are numerous signs, and we hand out slips of paper to all guests warning them to keep their windows closed."

The attack is the third at the park in the past four months.

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