Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#NIGERIA Electricity workers fault renewal of #Manitoba Hydro International Limited power contract

Electricity workers fault renewal  of Manitoba power contract

The Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied Companies (SSAEAC) has faulted the one year extension granted to Manitoba Hydro International Limited (MHI) to manage the operations of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).
The workers expressed  dissatisfaction  in a petition addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari, a copy of which was made available to The Nation.
SSAEAC kicked against the renewal of the contract because there was....
no clear-cut  evaluation of  the assignment and job carried out by MHI in improving transmission, and the wheeling capacity of the transmission line, with measurable milestones as contained in the contract.
Its President-General, Comrade Bede Opara who signed the petition, wondered why so much attention was  given  to  the contract renewal rather than an assessment of the impact MHI has had in improving and strengthening the operational capacities of TCN.
“It is not enough to lay claims to improving the power generation capacity that peaked at 4,545Mw recently which was as a result of better and improved supply of gas to our thermal stations. It is necessary to ask how to raise the wheeling power of the TCN to accommodate and sustain increased/improved generation.
“It is also necessary that we know the structure the MHI has put in place to accommodate this increased generation in the nearest future. We are aware that a lot of generated Mw are lost due to the inability of the TCN in some locations, to evacuate them into the grid,’’ the petition read in part.
Opara said during the last contract period of three years, there was glaring lack of coordination between the expatriate   and Nigerian teams in the TCN.
The union  also said there  was no team spirit among the management contractors, and also, between the management contractors and their Nigerian counterparts.
‘’We expect a better coordinated work regime, which regrettably, is absent. We also expect amongst other matters, serious and committed training programmes of Nigerians – an assignment that constitute part of the MHI contract.
“There is need to look inwards in order to identify any challenge(s) that might negatively affect the schedules and plans by Nigerian operators or the management contractors, ’’ the workers said.
The union suggested that the TCN should  be independent and insulated from partisanship political interests and influence.
He also advocated  the need  for an all-inclusive stakeholders meeting to re-evaluate, and design a practicable work plan that will ensure that TCN plays its role and achieves desired objectives.
The Federal Government  had recently extended the management contract of TCN with MHI of Canada by one year.
This followed the imminent expiration of a three-year management contract signed in 2012 for MHI to manage TCN’s electrical power transmission, system operation and market operation undertakings, as well as train TCN personnel.


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