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PHOTO: Actress who lost her boobs to a flesh-eating virus begs surgeons to give her new implants

Last resort: Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst, 47, from Los Angeles, asked surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow to reconstruct her shriveled 'zombie boobs' on last night's episode of E! reality show Botched
Actual miracle: Dr Dubrow was able to take Heather's shriveled breasts (pictured) and add a D implant to give her a full chestActual miracle: Dr Dubrow was able to take Heather's shriveled breasts and add a D implant to give her a full chest (pictured)

Actress who lost her boobs to a flesh-eating virus begs surgeons to give her new implants

Heather, who was grew up in San Francisco, moved to Los Angeles to become an actress, where started to feel the industry pressure to change her body. She decided to get breast implants and go from an A cup to a DD cup to give herself a leg up on her competition.

Her large breasts helped her land bit roles playing beautiful women on.....
popular television shows, including Married with Children and Beverly Hills 90210.

'My number one competitor was Pamela Anderson,' Heather said of the former Baywatch star for roles, who is also known for her ample bosoms.

Despite her success, Heather began to second guess her decision when she realized she wanted to audition for more serious roles like 'secretary to the president'.

'When you are in this entertainment business, you never think you are good enough. That really messed with my head,' she noted.
Heather decided she wanted a smaller chest, but after her reduction, her breasts were lopsided and there was rippling on her skin.

Her surgeon has promised her that his new procedure, in which he put screws in her rib cage, would give her the breasts she wanted.

After the surgery, her breasts looked great, but she felt deathly ill and her temperature began to spike. Her doctor immediately sent her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a flesh-eating disease caused by Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Heather came very close to dying and had to have her implants taken out. It took her a full year and half to recover, however, there was nothing left to her breasts except shriveled skin.   

'Now that my breasts are out, I am not who I used to be at all,' she said. 'I feel like I lost my whole career.'

With the support of her friend Felix, Heather met with Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif for a consultation, sharing her traumatic story. 

'That's when plastic surgery can kill,' Dr Dubrow said of her infection.

Dr Dubrow noticed that she was wearing breast prosthesis that appeared to be a size D, causing him to initially worry that Heather would want a voluptuous chest that was not possible.

However, Heather candidly explained: 'I am just locked into having breasts.'

Dr Dubrow agreed to take on her case, although Heather had feared that he was going to be sent away like other doctors had done to her before.

'Any result that is better than what I have I will be extremely grateful for,' she said.

During surgery, Dr Dubrow was worried that her skin was too thin. She could start bleeding, the implant could erode through or she could develop another life-threatening skin infection.

'It could be the end of her career,' he noted of the possible complications, calling her 'one of the bloodiest cases' he had ever seen during surgery.

However, after breaking up scar tissue inside the breast, Dr Dubrow realized that he was able to make a pocket big enough to hold size D implants.

The surgery proved to be a success and weeks later when she went to have her bandages removed, Heather started crying tears of joy.

'They look amazing,' she said. I can't believe it. To feel that I have breasts again. I don't even have words to explain it. It just makes me cry because I am so happy.
Heather noted that she couldn't wait to go see her agent, get nice clothes and start going on auditions again. 

Culled - DailyMail

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