Wednesday, July 29, 2015

PHOTO: GUARAKA Residents near Abuja , Chased Off Electricity Worker Officials From Their Area With JUJU

Between January and June this year, 49 employees of electricity distribution companies in the country lost their lives while on duty as a result of the poor implementation of safety measures by the firms.

However, the latest happenings in some part of the country now shows that electricity workers lives could be in danger as for example in Guaraka, Tafa LGA Niger State, about 7km from Zuba Abuja have resorted to using diabolical means to deal with the employees of electricity distribution company.
The angry Guaraka residents especially women were......
seen protesting that in spite of the absence or no electricity in their area, yet the power distribution company task force still have the effrontery to climb their electric pole to disconnect power.

The latest is that the protesting women were seen attaching what was identified as black magic a.k.a JUJU in order to prevent the task force from climbing their electric pole and also to chase of the electric workers from the area. It was alleged that the women swore that any electric workers or power distribution company task force that dare climb the pole will have his or her self to blame.

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