Wednesday, July 15, 2015

*VIDEO | Vanishing Act Caught On Camera: Moment Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Escaped From Prison

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Surveillance footage shows moment of El Chapo's escape

El Chapo's vanishing act caught on camera! Prison cell footage shows moment Mexican kingpin jumped from his cell into elaborate network of underground tunnels before riding a motorbike to freedom.
In the footage, Guzman is seen walking back and forth before disappearing into the shower
The cell's bathroom and shower are blind spots from the camera to allow privacy for the inmates
Guzman used an underground tunnel that began at an opening in his shower floor to flee a maximum-security prison flee on Saturday night
The drug lord is seen with a full head of hair in the video, consistent with photos his son released of him that they claim are from this weekend.

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National Security commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido presented the footage in a press conference Tuesday night.

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