Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MUST READ: Ethnicity, bane of Nigeria’s development – Falola

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Notable historian, Prof. Toyin Falola, has warned that Nigeria will not develop fully with the continued sentiment its citizens attach ethnicity.
According to Falola, ethnicity has become “a well-entrenched bias” expressed by many Nigerians.
Falola, who teaches History at the University of Texas, United States, stated.....
this while delivering the 50th anniversary lecture of the History department of the University of Lagos.
In a paper entitled “Ethnicity: Its Organ and Intestine”, the academic noted that ethnicity had become embedded in the psyches of Nigerians that it would be difficult to wipe it out from their consciousness.
An average Nigerian, according to him, sees himself more as first belonging to his ethnic cleavage before being a Nigerian.
The historian, who said that the development was affecting the nation’s development negatively, noted that it had also affected its resource distribution and power equation.

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