Saturday, August 29, 2015

PHOTO: SEE Picture of the 65-year-old Pedophile, Mr. Ganiyu Sani, who lured a 7-yr-old girl and raped her for rituals

Blessing and baba Sani
Photo: Victim - Blessing and Child rapist Mr Ganiyu Sani a.k.a baba Sani
In another case that has highlighted the increasing child sexual abuses in Nigeria, a 65-year-old landlord, in Akowonjo area of Lagos, Mr. Ganiyu Sani, has allegedly raped a seven-year-old girl, Blessing. But this time, the......
parents of the victim believe he did it for ritual purposes.
The civil servant mother of the victim explained that on Monday, August 17, 2015, when she got back from work and was having dinner with her children, Blessings started to touch her crotch and complain of pain.
“I felt the part she was touching and asked what was wrong with her. I thought she was referring to her lower abdomen and believed it must be stomach ache. But she insisted that it was her private part.
“I asked if she fell down and hurt herself but she simply shook her head. I asked if someone hit her there while she was playing with other children in the neighbourhood, she said no. I started suspecting there was something bigger than what she was telling me.
“I pleaded with her to tell me what happened. That was when she told me about what Baba did. I could not contain my anger. I was shocked, angry and sad at the same time that such an old man could do such a thing to my daughter. My daughter had no reason to lie.”
Blessing’s father, a trader from Ebonyi State, works in the Eastern part of the country while his wife and the children live in Lagos because of his wife’s work.

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