Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PHOTO: Street entertainer knwon as simply as 'Travis' whose act was to stand on his head in a BUCKET is DEAD

The 31-year-old, pictured before the stunt, was described as 'hard working' and 'well-educated' by his brotherTravis Linton Galleymore, who was well-known in Plymouth, Devon, for standing with his head in a bucket, was killed in 'an incident' on August 4, his family confirmed

A street entertainer famous for balancing upside down with his head in a bucket has died.

Travis Linton Galleymore was killed in 'an incident' in London on August 4, his family confirmed.

The 31-year-old was well known in Plymouth, Devon, for jamming his head in a bucket on the street to earn some money.

His true identity was only released after his death as his brother paid tribute to him.

Keegan Galleymore said: 'He was the Bucket Man and a loving brother and very good man, who was not only hard working, but a well-educated South African-born human being.
'But he struggled to find a good employer in the city of Plymouth where he felt most at home. May his soul rest at peace.'

Mr Linton Galleymore was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and previously worked as an engineer and plumber for a yachting company.

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RIP! Travis!

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  1. My son killed himself and this is very upsetting. Please can you remove it.
    Thank you.
    Jacqueline Galleymore