Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cheating wife sends wrong text to husband

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A Harare woman allegedly sent a text message meant for her lover to her husband exposing her illicit affairs. The lover, Peter Matsika, is said to be a best friend to the woman’s husband, Herbert Chimombe. Now Mastika is seeking a protection order from the.....
court against Chimombe.

” I am constantly harassed and insulted over the phone so I need a peace order” pleaded Mastika.

Chimombe did not oppose the peace order.

“My friend is the one who wronged me but I am surprised he is the one seeking a peace order. If he does not want to talk to me it is fine but he is the one who hurt me by having an affair with my wife in my absence”.

“I found out he was having a love affair with my wife when she mistakenly sent me a message meant for her lover who happened to be my best friend. I work in Cape Town and I have no way of harassing him as he is claiming”.

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