Thursday, September 10, 2015

*DISTURBING PHOTO: Woman arrested for biting off and swallowing neighbour’s nipple during a fight

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Taiwo and her injury
Mother of four children, Mrs. Adelowo Taiwo, has accused her neighbour, Mrs. Bola Olowolagba, of biting off and swallowing her nipple during a fight which ensued in their compound in Shasha, area of Lagos.

The incident happened at I6 Oduduwa Crescent in Shasha, outskirts of Lagos where they reside.

According to Taiwo, the trouble started after Olowolagba held a party and littered the.....
whole compound; she was asked to clean up the compound but refused. Taiwo narrated that she had to handle the cleaning.

She added that when Olowolagba’s husband saw her while sweeping, he informed Olowolagba who came out from their apartment and asked Taiwo who asked her to sweep the compound.

Along the line, they exchanged hot words which resulted in a fight and in the process, Olowolagba grabbed Taiwo’s right breast, bit off her nipple and swallowed it. Taiwo said while she was bleeding, Olowolagba was busy biting other parts of her body before neighbours intervened.

Taiwo was rushed to Igando General Hospital where she is being treated. The matter was reported to the Police at Shasha division and Olowolagba was arrested and charged to court for the assault.

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