Saturday, September 19, 2015

PHOTO: SEE the Face of the Okada rider, Sharafa Wasiu who raped and stole the virginity of a 14-year -old girl

Esther and Wasiu
Esther and Wasiu
The photo right is that of Okada rider, Sharafa Wasiu who raped and stole the virginity of a 14-year -old girl, Esther, who hails from Benue State and currently an apprentice in her aunty’s cake shop

Esther lost her virginity to a man she had never met before and in a violent way. She said her aunty
At 14, she already had an experience that might hurt her for life. Not only has she insisted on not forgiving the okada rider, identified as Sharafa Wasiu, for violating her, Esther, who has scars all over her body occasioned by the incident, even wished Wasiu a quick journey to the great beyond “because of what he did to me. I feel sad anytime I remember that day.”
She maintained that she had been doing all she could to remain.......
a virgin until she was married but all those efforts to safeguard one of her most treasured assets, virginity, became a waste when Wasiu, after dropping her infront of her house, trailed her into the house and raped her in broad daylight.

Esther narrated;
She said, “That Saturday, I stopped a bike from the front of our shop to take me home. When we got home, he dropped me in front of the house, I paid him and I went in, not knowing he was still lurking around. I thought he had left, not knowing that he wheeled his motorcycle to the side of the house and stayed there, watching me. It was about 2pm.
“My aunty had told me to help her clean her shoes, so the moment I entered, I started packing the shoes outside so I could clean them. I used the kitchen entrance and I closed it when I packed the first round.
“When I was in the room packing the remaining shoes, I heard the sound of the door and I asked who was there. I didn’t hear anything, so I went to check who or what was there. The next thing I saw was the okada man that dropped me a short while ago.
“Immediately, he pushed me to the floor with so much force, overpowered me, being a taller and more hefty person, he pulled my skirt and pants and raped me. I struggled with him but I didn’t succeed. Apart from the pain from the forceful entry and the terrible smell oozing out of his body, he was rubbing my body against the floor, inflicting serious injuries on my body. I kept shouting but nobody heard me because I was the only one at home.”
She explained that when Wasiu released and spilled his semen on her body, coupled with the blood that was coming out from her private part, she thought her trauma was over, thus, she pushed him away and made for the door. But unknown to her, Wasiu was busy gathering momentum for the second round.
She said, “When he finished, I pushed him away, pulled up my skirt and ran to the door to escape. I barely opened the door when he suddenly ran after me, pushed me and pinned me to the floor. I was gasping but he tore all my clothes, leaving me stark naked, and dragged me on the floor, trying to take me inside so he could rape me again. I can never forgive him for what he did to me.
“By that time, blood was all over my body. I kept shouting but there was no one to rescue me. As he was trying to remove his trousers, I managed to escape (naked) and I ran through one side of the house while he ran through the other side to get me. That was how one of our neighbours saw me and quickly called on others who mobilised to the place at once and caught him. They also seized his bike.”

Shame on you Sharafa Wasiu!

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