Monday, October 19, 2015

*GRAPHIC PHOTO: Nigeria Police Vehicle Hits Vendor, Dumped Him In A Hospital and Feld Away

Edet at a traditional bone-setting home
Edet in pains at a traditional bone-setting home
A newspaper vendor, Mr. Daniel Edet, at Ibiaku, in Uruan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State said to have been taken to a hospital at Nwaniba, Uyo Local Government Area of the state by some policemen, whose vehicle hit him, has been abandoned in the hospital.
The police vehicle hit the vendor during the last environmental sanitation exercise in the.....
state on September 26, 2015.
Edet, who is currently writhing in pains in a bone-setter home in Ibiaku, told Southern City News on Sunday that he was going on his bike to distribute newspapers when a police vehicle hit him.
He stated that the vehicle, which was coming from the opposite direction veered onto his side and rammed over his bike with the van’s tyres running over his leg.
He said the hospital placed him on drip on a single occasion and charged him N20,000, which his father, Mr. Charles Edet, paid.
Daniel said as his parents could not raise enough money for him to be treated in the hospital, they had to move him to a native bone-setter home in Ibiaku.


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