Saturday, October 3, 2015

PHOTO: Referee pulls out a gun during a football match

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A referee has shocked millions around the world after he pointed a gun at a player during a regional league match in Brumadinho near Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s sixth largest city and the capital of the state of Minais Gerais last weekend.
According to Mirror UK, Gabriel Murta, said to be a police officer by day reacted to an alleged assault by a player by racing to the changing rooms to get the weapon. The referee had to be restrained from using the gun by one his linesmen and is now facing......
disciplinary action.
League president Valdenir de Castro claimed Murta was kicked and slapped after one of the team’s players and manager invaded the pitch to demand a red card for a player from the opposing side.
Referees’ association boss, Giuliano Bozzano, said Murta felt threatened and went to look for the weapon to defend himself. The referee was subjected to a psychological assessment on Tuesday and could face suspension or a permanent ban if found guilty.

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