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SIN CITY: How Apapa in Lagos mixes commerce with prostitution

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Locally and internationally, the name Apapa is synonymous with serious commercial and economic activities such as freight forwarding, import and export activities, among others. Located in Lagos State, South-West Nigeria, Apapa habours two seaports: Apapa Wharf and Tin-Can Island Wharf, believed to be the largest seaports in the West African sub-re­gion.
By that position, Apapa is unarguably, the lifeblood of the nation’s economy. The fact that Lagos parades itself as the economic nerve cen­tre of Nigeria is attributable to the two seaports in Apapa and the array of industries that have attracted to the area.

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High volumes of economic activities such as import and export as well as other econom­ic activities are carried out daily in the place. Consequently, it has attracted large number of people from all walks of life. People from dif­ferent races, nationalities and ethnicities engage in all kinds of economic activities ranging from clearing imported goods, paying for import du­ties, paying for demurrages to buying different kinds of imported goods, among others, on a daily basis.
The location of the two seaports in Apapa has also attracted hundreds of industries in the area, making the place an industrial hub. Most of these industries, which are into manufactur­ing, also attract large number of people to the place making Apapa the busiest commercial centre in Nigeria.
But, Apapa is not just about commercial and economic activities. Just like other cities in other countries of the world where seaports are located, there are also the good, the bad and the ugly. These men who do businesses in these seaports and those who work in the industries located in the area, naturally, would want to relax their nerves after a hectic day’s business. And the natural places to go for such relaxa­tion are where women exchange sex for money as well as clubs, especially those clubs where women dance half-naked.
This is how Apapa earned a place in the league of red light street cities. For a first time comer to Lagos, Apapa is a place where for­eign imported goods are cleared from. Also for those who do their business in Apapa or visit the place and leave before 5:00pm, the descrip­tion remains a place where imported goods are cleared from. But, a visit to some areas in Apapa at night, especially from 8:00pm, will automatically change that notion. Such a visitor would come to terms with the fact that women of easy virtue have invaded Apapa and indeed turned it to ‘Sodom and Gomorrah.’

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