Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DISTURBING!!! PHOTO: SEE Man Who Got Nabbed After Disguising As Woman In Order To Get Job As Housemaid

Nemesis has caught with this fe-Male to be nanny. The Guy in the photo was recently arrested by the police after s-He applied for a job as a female house help. The dude dressed up as a woman attaching to himself a padded brazier, braids and ice it all a female cloths on, but unfortunately luck ran out from s-Him as his pr!ck stood him out.

However s-His bubble got busted when the family s-He was suppose to.......
work for found him out, discovered that s-He is in fact a full blown MALE quickly called in the police to get him arrested.

A screen shot of the post available on the internet says; "Watch out for the people you engage as house helps to look after your children. This young man parading as a gal was employed by mother to take care of girls! just imagine a lion put in the same enclosure with goats!."

Anyway we thank God that this dude has been apprehended. Parents please BeWare!!!!!

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