Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hundreds of taxi drivers protest in Kuala Lumpur against Uber & GrabCar App Services, threatening their livelihoods

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Hundreds of Malaysian taxi drivers protested in Kuala Lumpur against the Land Public Transport Authority, Uber and GrabCar.

Some 200 taxi drivers staged a protest in Malaysia's capital Wednesday (Nov 18) against ride sharing app competitors Uber and GrabCar as well as the Land Public Transport Authority (SPAD) for failing to .....
safeguard their interests

The taxi drivers gathered in Padang Merbok in Kuala Lumpur before walking to Parliament House to hand over a memorandum. But they were mainly greeted by opposition MPs there including opposition leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

The taxi drivers said Uber and GrabCar operate illegally and have threatened their livelihoods, and argued that the government has failed to act

"So many taxi drivers right now cannot survive and so many taxi drivers have problems with their company, with finance, with family. That's why we have the protest today," said Kamarudin Mohd Hussain from the Klang Valley Taxi Driver Action Committee.

"We hope the government will see my community and help this industry to bring good economy."

SPAD told Channel NewsAsia that they had the taxi drivers interests at heart and are working towards a solution and coming up with regulations for the apps.

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