Wednesday, November 18, 2015

PHOTO: Nigeria's Most Wanted 20-year-old veteran robber, Yusuf Lawal, who started robbing at the age of seven, Arrested

20-year-old veteran robber, Yusuf Lawal, who started robbing at the age of seven, was recently arrested in Lagos alongside his gang member, Taju Alabi, aka Kolo.

Apparently, police was patrolling Kadiri and Kano streets around 4am for their nightly checks at the same time when 19 armed robbers were operating in the community.

Lawal was caught stealing money, phones, and other valuables from a victim just after his accomplice had done the stabbing......

During his confession statement after being arrested, Lawal admitted that he began as a child-thief.

He said: “I am the only child of my parents. I grew up not knowing my mother, who died when I was still a child. I don’t know what my father does for a living.

“My father could not correct me because I always overpowered him whenever he attempted to do so. I later ran away from home and started living with a friend in Idi-Oro, Mushin.

“I started robbing when I was seven after I quit primary school. My friend, Sule, introduced me to robbery and we always went out to rob residents. We stole phones, money, and other valuables.

“Also, we usually rob very early in the morning. I will turn a new leaf if the police can release me.”

In his attempt to save himself, Alabi, denied knowing Lawal and said he had never participated in any of the robberies.

Drama ensued at the station in which Lawal was taking Alabi on a journey down memory lane to remind him that they were indeed partners in crime.

Lawal said: “On two different occasions, I stole phones and gave them to you to sell, which you did and we later shared the money.

“You saw me living large and you asked me for the secret, and I told you. We have been doing this together so tell the truth. When we were robbing people, you should have known this will be the end.”

18-year-old Alabi later gave in.

“Yes, he’s my friend and we have been friends since childhood. We met at Mushin. I work at a carwash and I am also a bus conductor. I have only stolen three phones. It is true that we rob people,” he added.

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