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PHOTO: Woman dies few hours after being delivered of triplets

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Obinna Nnanna’s joy knew no bounds last September 23 af­ternoon, when his wife, Ijeoma was delivered of triplets, two males and a female, after nine months of their marriage. When he returned home that evening, he was already thinking and planning how to put together an elaborate bash, as his resources would permit him to welcome the babies and their mother home; moreso, when the bundle of joy was coming just nine months after they got married.
They were expected to stay some days at Lagos State University Teaching Hospi­tal, Gbagada, since she delivered through caesarean section. However, the joy turned sour, as fate dealt a crushing blow on him, following the......
death of his wife about 3am the following day.

Obinna said it was the worst news he has ever received in his life, and thought his world had crumbled.
“She was delivered of the babies about 12pm on September 23. I stayed with them till 9pm, since the hospital management would not allow a visitor to stay with a patient over night, so I left. I was sleep­ing when my phone rang about 3am that I should come to the hospital immediately. I had to call my friends, one of them brought his car and we rushed to the hospital and by then, my wife was already dead. I asked what happened and nobody was able to tell me anything reasonable. Nobody could tell me what happened to her.
“All my neighbours visited her that day she delivered and she spoke with everybody and they promised to come the following day to see her, but the story changed”, Obinna said.

According to Obinna, he said his late wife regis­tered for antenatal care at a private hospi­tal close to them, and by the time the preg­nancy was going to the seventh month, she started developing high blood pressure (HBP) which necessitated her referral to Lagos State University Lagos (LASUTH), Gbagada Annex.
“We used the private hospital for seven months and it was discovered that she was having HBP. We were referred to General Hospital, Gbagada. She was on admission at LASUTH for one month until she was delivered of the babies. Her staying in the hospital for a month was at my instance. I wanted her to be there to have a good rest instead of being at home where she would engage and stress herself with domestic chores.
“After one month of bed rest, she deliv­ered through caesarean section. She deliv­ered on September 23 afternoon and died in the early hours of the following day. I wouldn’t know what happened; I can’t explain. I asked the nurses they said they don’t know, that it just happened all of a sudden.
“I was in the theatre with her; so we came out together to the ward. She wasn’t bleeding and the blood pressure was nor­mal before she went for the surgery. There was no complication.
“Immediately she died, we took her corpse home and deposited it in the mortu­ary, and we are planning the funeral.

The babies spent two weeks in the hos­pital after their mother’s death, on the di­rective and account of the hospital man­agement, in order to give them a close observation.”

Obinna is now playing dutifully the role of mother, except breastfeeding. With the help of good neighbours, he is nursing the babies in his room-and-parlour apartment at Alapere area of Lagos. He has learnt to change diapers, keep awake in the night and feeding them.


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