Friday, November 6, 2015

VIDEO: Pupils flee as School closed down indefinitely due to ‘evil spirit’ attack

Pupils flee as 'evil spirit' closes Kenyan school indefinitely

Ithimani primary school in Kitui County has been closed temporarily due to an alleged attack on pupils by evil spirits. Irate parents on Tuesday marched to the institution and took their children home following confusion that had engulfed the school. The said suspected spirits are said to have haunted the students for the last two months disrupting learning in the school.The parents noted that the pupils were gripped by fear and anxiety whenever they saw their colleagues suffer from time to time from trance like seizures which she said were impeding their concentration in class. The mixed day and boarding primary school, within Itoleka location in Katulani Sub-county, has a population of over 600 pupils and about 140 of them are boarders. Parents and the school’s administration are said to have on several occasions in the past called in pastors to pray for the students and exorcise the spirits, after which things seemed to cool down until a few days ago when the nightmare struck again. However the teacher was nowhere to be found as she had since fled the school for safety.

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