Saturday, December 5, 2015

BUSTED!! WATCH Video Of Popular Pastor Caught Pants Down for Sex With A Member's Wife inside Room

Image result for Video Of Zimbabwean Pastor Caught Pants Down With A Member's Wife in UK

"This is such a big disgrace. How can one who claims to be working for God be caught in such a shameless and disgusting act", according to the publisher of the video.

To cut the long story short, a Congolese UK-based Pastor as seen in the video has been caught on top the matrimonial bed of one of his member’s house. The pastor was reported to had been pestering a member's wife for sex, whilst at the same time spreading malicious and false statements, prophecies against the woman's husband.

It was reported that the woman pretended to have taken the bait for the sex but instead she and her husband set a trap for the promiscuous and randy pastor inside their house where he was caught pants down getting ready for sex.The woman's husband and family after dealing physically with the pastor, reported him to the church and the church has subsequently kicked him out of the church.

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