Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Female police officer 'had sex against the glass window of a balcony with an ex colleague

Bildresultat för caught having sex through the window

Claims that a serving woman police officer had sex on the balcony of a city centre bar during a reunion party are being investigated by Greater Manchester Police.

Several formal complaints have been made via the force's whistle-blower hotline and to the Professional Standards Branch, which investigates alleged misconduct.

The force says it is carrying out an assessment and have.....
yet to find any evidence - although it is urging anyone with information to get in touch.
It is alleged the officer had sex with a former officer at the Rain Bar in Great Bridgewater Street.

A room was used for a reunion of serving and retired officers from the South Manchester division.

One witness, a serving officer, said: 'It was a police reunion on February 12. It was in the room upstairs, which was hired for a private function.

'There is a balcony by the side of the bar, with an all-glass window looking onto it. It was about 11pm-ish. Two officers at the bar were all over each other. Then they went outside onto the balcony.

'While they were having sex, a member of the bar staff went outside to collect glasses and must have seen them.

'When the man came back into the room he said 'I hope you all enjoyed that. It was seen by a large number of people. One group had a look and then another. People could not believe what they were seeing.'
The reunion was attended by about 60 people.

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