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#FreeLindaChristopher:16 yr-old Girl Linda Christopher Stolen, Converted to Islam and held by the Bauchi State Shari’ah Commission

Bildresultat för Free Linda Christopher: Stolen at 16, name changed to Aisha
November 19, 2015, was an unusual day for Mrs. Onah. A trader at a popular market in Bauchi State, she went about her business until a telephone call came through. “One of my kinsmen called me on the phone and told me that  Onah said she was in doubt and assumed it was a case of two persons looking alike.

According to her, Linda was meant to be in school in Enugu and not with an unknown man in Tarsha Durumi village. “He said she had been there for up to four days and that she was always sighted at night and not during the day,”she said.
A distraught Onah said: “Not convinced and trying to prove him wrong, I immediately called my.......
husband’s sister who was her guardian in Enugu. She told me Linda had been gone for about six days. Linda told her she was going to visit another relative of my husband, named Patty who also lives in Enugu. I also called Patty, who told me Linda was not at her place but that my daughter said she was going to visit a friend of hers that was getting married, and she had not seen her for six days.”
According to Mrs. Onah, her husband went in search of their daughter at Tarsha Durumi on Sunday and Monday but didn’t succeed in getting her.
“At about 2pm on Monday, a messenger delivered a letter to us from the Bauchi State Shari’ah Commission, informing us that our daughter, Linda, had been converted to Islam, with her name changed to Aisha, and that she had been handed to the custody of the Da’awah Council, Bauchi,” Linda’s mother said.
Corroborating the story, Mr. Onah, added that they were denied access to their daughter.
“We have been to the commission on several occasions but they never let us see our daughter, except for once. This was on the second Monday in February, when they brought her out. She could not speak to me, as she cried all through.”
The Onahs approached a non-governmental organisation to intervene in the issue but all efforts proved abortive.

This Child abduction and forcing them to change religion must stop in Nigeria!

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