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[READ] EXCLUSIVE: Former Miss Bumbum model who nearly died after her bottom fillers 'rotted' gives life to CHRIST

Miss Bumbum model who nearly died after her bottom fillers 'rotted' has 'found God'
Possessed: She claims that her years hunting for fame were the result of being possessed by evil spiritsAspirations: Andressa claims she had a fling with Cristiano Ronaldo and says she earned £7,000 an hour as a high class prostitute for millionaires - details she revealed in her salacious tell-all biography

Only two years ago she was parading her breasts in front of the world's media after turning up topless to a Portugal team World Cup training session.

Brazilian Miss Bumbum model Andressa Urach earned worldwide notoriety thanks to her scandalous antics, her frequent public nudity - and an alleged tryst with Real Madrid ace Cristiano Ronaldo.

So perhaps it is not surprising that, among the 300 inmates gathered this morning inside a Sao Paulo women's prison, most seem aghast to know it is the same woman standing before them.

Andressa weeps as, gripping a microphone, she tells the audience that, despite achieving the fame and fortune she had always craved, she always felt empty inside, and as much a prisoner as they are.

And sobs are heard around the room as she describes the pain she had always kept hidden, how she was abused as a child, how her father rejected her at birth, was married aged 15, and the sordid years she spent selling her own body.

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If the model's humble confessions seem extraordinary coming from a woman once renowned for her arrogance, what happens next is almost impossible to imagine.

Inviting forward any women who want prayer for 'deliverance from evil spirits', Andressa - who converted to Christianity after botched cosmetic surgery almost killed her - begins laying her hand on top of their heads.
As she orders the 'demon' inside one inmate to 'reveal itself', the woman lurches forward, her body shaking and her hands twisted behind her back. Andressa - once considered one of Brazil's most beautiful females - grabs the 'possessed' woman by the hair and leads her - 'on your knees!' - out of the crowd and into the centre of the stage, as the screams and shouts of the other women build up into a frenzy.

Whatever people make of her new way of life, 29-year-old Andressa's transformation from national sex symbol to saint is nothing short of remarkable.

The model and TV presenter became a household name in Brazil after coming second in the popular Miss Bumbum competition, which finds the nation's best bottom, before starring in the Latin American country's version of TV reality show The Farm.

She posed naked for men's magazines, dated famous actors and singers, and achieved worldwide fame after she claimed she'd had an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo, which the footballer has always strenuously denied.

But it didn't stop Andressa, on the eve of Brazil's World Cup, grabbing more headlines after she turned up topless at the Portugal squad's hotel and training ground, her naked body painted in the colours of Ronaldo's team shirt.

Her antics didn't surprise most Brazilians, who had grown used to hearing of the model's irreverend behaviour and lewd publicity stunts.

But months later she was rushed to hospital after when chemical fillers injected into her thighs began to rot her body tissue, sending her into septic shock and on the brink of death, a drama which gripped the country and was followed around the world.

The model later claimed that in the days she was in an induced coma she she died and 'met with her maker' - an experience which she claims made her decide to change her ways and convert to Christianity.

Andressa announced she had joined Brazil's controversial Universal church, threw away six wardrobes full of raunchy clothes and removed all saucy snaps from her social network accounts.

And in August last year she published her autobiography, in which she confessed that she had worked as a 'luxury hooker' and was paid up to £7,000-an-hour for sex with millionaires, including well-known celebrities and football stars.
Many understandably believed Andressa's 'conversion' was another cheap publicity stunt.

But for the last six months, the 29-year-old has been quietly visiting female prisons around the country, sharing her story and giving away thousands of copies of her book to inmates.

Her monthly visits to some of the country's most notorious jails have gone unreported - but on Saturday morning MailOnline joined her at her latest engagement, inside the Butantan female penitenciary in the west of Sao Paulo, southeast Brazil.

And in an exclusive interview, the model - now a TV presenter with the Rede Record channel - claimed that now she plans to one day become a missionary for her church in Africa.

And she says she still hopes to meet Cristiano Ronaldo again - but this time to tell him about God, as part of her new life's mission of 'saving souls'.

Of the 1,100 female inmates at the Butantan prison, 20 percent are serving time for murder, with 90 per cent of those convicted of killing their own husbands or boyfriends, according to reports.

The auditorium is at full capacity, with all eager to hear from the model whose life many of the women had followed.

And as the women, all dressed in the same jail attire, listen attentively as Andressa takes the microphone, many can clearly identify with what she says.

Wearing the same pink polo shirt as the other eight members of her church team, she begins to reveal her most sordid secrets, to gasps from the assembled inmates.

'I never believed in God, I was full of anger, of my mother, my father, my abuser. For many years I wanted to kill him, I wanted revenge.

'My dad rejected me when I was born because I wasn't white-skinned like his other children.

'My mother gave me over to an elderly couple, but the man who was supposed to be my grandfather sexually abused me from the age of six. He would say, 'look, grandad is pregnant, look at the baby's leg sticking out - give the baby's leg a kiss.

'I didn't know any better, so the first games I played with girls at school weren't normal games, but touching them. Who knows how many girls I ended up traumatising too.'

She tells how she married aged 15 'to have a family and be happy' but, when the marriage broke down after six years and she found herself a single mother aged 21, she decided to enter the world of prostitution.

She says: 'I sold my body for seven years. I once slept with seven men in one day.

'All I wanted was money, the good life. But I started to love money and would do anything to get it. I liked to feel the wads of notes in my hands. It was an addiction and I'd lost any notion of limits.

'I felt pleasure in calling attention to myself. I just wanted to be loved.

'I lied to the press, I told them I had gone to university. But I knew I was nobody. I was depressed and addicted to tranquilisers. I would lock myself in my dark bedroom for days.'

Andressa breaks down and sobs as she remembers the near-death experience that made her reevaluate her life and give her life to God: 'None of my money could help me then. I knew that my soul was condemned to hell.

'I begged God to forgive me, I wanted to have another chance to do things differently.'

Around the room, many women are crying and some wail loudly as Andressa tells them that they, too, can be free from their addictions and fears.

'You might wonder why I'm here today?' she says. 'Because I could have ended up here too, sitting there among you.

'My last boyfriend was a drug trafficker who got 65 years in prison. I carried drugs for him, I could easily have been sent to jail too.

'But even out there on the streets, I was still in prison, a prisoners to anger, bitterness and hate. I was an arrogant person who humiliated others.'

She adds: 'Now I can tell you I am a different person. I've asked forgiveness from all of the people I ever wronged. I've forgiven my abuser and all those I hated. And the most difficult thing of all, I've managed to forgive myself.

'I don't care anymore what the world thinks of me. I know that God loves me.'

Andressa ends by assuring the women that they are not to blame for their crimes, but instead were motivated by the 'evil spirits' living inside - an often-criticised doctrine of the Universal church to which she belongs.

'I want your soul for the Lord Jesus, that's what I want, I want to win your soul for him.'

Inviting women forward who 'hear voices, see spirits wearing black capes, dream of death or think about suicide', the Universal church's bishop Afonso Silva then leads Andressa and the other team members as they pray for dozens of inmates who surge to the front.

Prison wardens standing on the sidelines look nervous as the bishop then orders the 'demons' inside the women to 'manifest yourselves'.

Suddenly one woman in the middle of the crowd begins to shake and scream: 'She's mine! She's mine!'

When the woman Andressa is praying for falls to the floor wailing, she leads her into the centre of the stage as she addresses the 'evil spirit' directly: 'What's your name? Tell me your name.'

Bishop Silva then prays for each of the 'possessed' women - 'leave in the name of Jesus!' in apparent exorcisms, with each eventually returning to their senses, and most looking surprised and teary after 'waking up' again.

Andressa reveals that she too went through an 'exorcism' to rid her of the 'demon' that was possessing her.

'The evil spirit manifested itself in me too,' she told her enthralled audience. 'It was then that I realised that everything I did was because of the demon inside of me. When it had gone, I was finally free.'

At the end of the meeting, the women queue to receive a free, signed copy of Andressa's autobiograpy, and to receive a hug from the celebrity.

Outside, meanwhile, a paddling pool full of water awaits any women who have decided to convert and want to be baptised.

One inmate, Maria Rosangela, 41, serving five years for drugs trafficking, said: 'I cried through the whole speech. Everything she said spoke right into my heart.

'I think today will have a lasting effect on this prison. Even those who aren't into religion will leave here feeling that they can change their lives.'

Another woman, Rosana Guimaraes, 42, serving six years for theft, added: 'I remember looking up to Andressa and wanting to be like her, to have her lifestyle.

'But now she's another example for us. She's gone through worst things than many of us, and still managed to get through them and be happy, and so can we.

'There are many women in here who have similar stories to Andressa, who have experienced abuse, violence, rejection. Her story will have spoke to many of them.'

After the meeting, Andressa told MailOnline that her mission is to 'save souls - wherever people are suffering'.

And she revealed that, despite her new job as a primetime TV presenter in Brazil, she hopes to become a missionary in Africa, saying 'if God calls me, I'll leave everything and go'.

'I want people to know what I know, that the devil really does exist, that the root of people's problems is spiritual,' she said.

'After I managed to free myself, I saw that people need help. I made a pact with God, that I would win souls for him. I knew that I survived death for a reason.

'When I go into the prisons I see myself with those women. I lived like a prisoner, and I could easily have ended up there with them. And a lot of them have a story like mine, they are victims of the spirits.

'If I could, I would do that full time. My TV work is just to pay the bills, but it's not where my heart is.

'If God calls me to be a missionary, here I am. I have everything, luxury, comfort, a Porsche, but my pleasure now lies in helping others. I would give it all up to go and do God's work, I would love to go to Africa.'
Her other mission is to bring other famous people to God - starting with Cristiano Ronaldo.

'I would like him to read my book, I think it would touch his heart and maybe he would come to forgive me too,' she said. 'My prayer is that he comes to know God like I do.

'I hope that through my life many other public figures will find God. I've tried with other models I'm friends with, but for many the lure of fame and money is still stronger, like it once was with me. If only people knew where true happiness really comes from, all of that would become irrelevant.'


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