Saturday, March 5, 2016

SHAME! Black marketers hit Abuja and other Nigeria states as fuel scarcity worsens

Black marketers hit Abuja roads as fuel scarcity worsens

The scarcity of the Premium Motor Spirit  (PMS) yesterday took a different dimension as black marketers took over Abuja roads,  especially around petrol retail outlets.
Their action followed the unavailability of the product at  petrol stations as most of the retail outlets were not opened to customers.
The product that should have officially sold for N86.00 and N86.50 at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)  stations and independent stations respectively was sold for N2,000 per.....
10 litres by hawkers that sold in plastic kegs.
Some of the customers said they spent over two hours to get the product, while others queued up in locked stations in anticipation of sale.
The fuel situation was  yesterday a far cry from the promise of the Pipeline Products Marketing Company  (PPMC) that queues would disappear from retail outlets by weekend.

Not Only Abuja is hit by this constant Fuel crisis, infact this fuel crisis has affected almost every state and local government in Nigeria. 

Such a shame!

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