Saturday, March 31, 2012

I’m battling for my life – Enebeli Elebuwa

...Enebeli & Segun
Please as we read this piece, lets remember Enebeli in Our prayers and support him the way we can financially.  He need us now!

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Enebeli  has been battling stroke, an illness that has left him bedridden and incapacitated for
more than six months now.
In a brief telephone chat with HVP, the ailing actor  muted “I’m battling for my life. I don’t want to make my illness a public issue any more. I’m in a hospital, in Surulere area of Lagos.”

Earlier this week, reports had it that the actor’s health is getting worse by the day as he urgently needs prayers and support from all and sundry to stay alive. But speaking with HVP, Enebeli sounded optimistic and very hopeful that he would bounce back to life despite the odds. Though his voice was weak and inaudible on phone.
Enebeli  was first hospitalized at St Luke’s Hospital, Yaba, before he  was later moved to St Tropez Hospital, Surulere, Lagos, where he’s currently receiving treatment. For a long time, nothing concrete has been heard about Enebeli’s health till now.
Not long ago, it was rumoured that the Delta State born actor was  taken to a herbal home by his family  to seek alternative solution, after his condition failed to improve significantly.
Outgoing National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN), Segun Arinze during his visits to the ailing Elebuwa in the hospital, was quoted as saying that “I’m seriously concerned about current state of the thespian’s health.’
Arinze then mobilized his colleagues in the A-list cadre to raise funds for proper treatment and welfare of the actor.
HVP gathered that the Enebeli’s sickness has created more tension and fear among Nollywood practitioners, considering the rate at which prominent members of the industry have died in the last one year.

Source- Vanguard

Please lets remember Enebeli in Our prayers and support him the way we can financially. 


  1. get well soon enebeli.

  2. Praying for Uncle Enebeli Elebuwa. The LoRd is your strength uncle.