Saturday, June 9, 2012

Video: Greek Member Of Parliament Slapped a Lady LIVE On TV

Season of slap; first big brother star game and now Greece! of course there are many more slaps undocumented.
                                                       Stop that Slap!!!!!

This shameful video clip is about A GREEK MP known as Ilias Kasidiaris who physically attacks a female MP from a rival party live on TV. Authorities have ordered the arrest of far-right slapper Ilias Kasidiaris after he repeatedly slapped left-winger Liana Kanelli around the face three times.
Kasidiaris, who is a spokesman for the troubled country’s Golden Dawn party also threw a glass of water over another female MP, Rena Dourou, from radical left group Syriza during the live show.

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The MP slapper Ilias Kasidiaris was apparently provoked when his alleged involvement in an armed robbery was
Mr Kasidiaris appeared to have been provoked when Rena Dourou of the radical left-wing Syriza party mentioned his alleged involvement in an armed robbery in 2007.

He jumped up and threw a glass of water across the table at her, a You Tube clip of the Antenna television channel showed.

When Liana Kanelli of the Greek Communist party, the KKE, apparently threw a newspaper at him, he responded by slapping her around the face with three right-left blows.

A journalist at Antenna told the AFP news agency that colleagues were unable to stop Mr Kasidiaris from leaving the building.

Golden Dawn has risen in profile after it won just under 7% of votes, or 21 seats, in parliamentary elections on 6 May.

The party's staunch anti-immigration policy has led to accusations of racism and instigating violent attacks against immigrants.

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  1. Dis man na complete idiot for slapping a woman like dat...btw Women sef get mouf..

    1. ...''women sef get mouf'' see ur mouf too! comot jare!

  2. We all know how our ladies run their mouth, but no matter what happens we should never resort to physical violence against women. This greek mp man should be behind jail as i write.