Tuesday, April 29, 2014

!! #StolenDreams: ‘Change Movement Nigeria’ Schedules Mass Protest For Thursday, May 1

As Nigeria’s social-political challenges mount, Change Movement Nigeria has announced a mass participation protest, named “Stolen Dreams Walk,” to take place next Thursday, May 1.
“Every onlooker is either a coward or a willing collaborator,” the group said in a statement on Monday. “We have spoken enough at seminars, workshops and conferences. The time to act is now. Let us join hands to salvage our country.”
It said the ‘Stolen Dreams’ action will take place on at 9am at CMS, Lagos Island, and invited all Nigerians whose dream of a great nation has been shattered to come and join us in the event.
“The current socio-political realities compel reaction from the conscious layer of the Nigerian society,” the statement emphasized.  “The youths must be ready to confront these dream killers until lost hopes are restored. The battle ahead is difficult but not insurmountable. Members of the Change Movement are resolute to be at the vanguard to demand positive change from the current impostors.”
Nigerians outside the country are invited to join the action in solidarity, through channels of communication that will be thrown open on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and its own website at www.changemovementng.org.
All interested people are to post comments, solidarity messages, and selfies on those sites “so that we can in the spirit of unified mission for the emancipation of Nigeria ask for the restoration of our stolen dreams,” Change Movement Nigeria said.

PLEASE JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!  #StolenDreams #JoinTheMovement
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