Tuesday, October 20, 2015

VIDEO: Radio Biafra founder is a fraudster – Nnamdi Kanu’s ex-girlfriend Blasts

Chioma Amaryllis, a former PR Coordinator for Radio Biafra and former girlfriend to the founder of Radio Biafra, has produced a startling video.

According to her, Radio Biafra is a fraud developed by Nnamdi Kanu to make money from Ndi-Igbo using Biafra.

Ms. Amaryllis listed lies and misappropriation of funds as some of the reasons why she left Biafra.

In her testament, she alleged that Mr. Kanu is misleading gullible Igbos around the world by collecting huge sums of money from them to sustain his playboy lifestyle.

She further alleged that Mr. Kanu is in total control of all the money coming in. He is the company director, money holder, treasurer, and accountant of the pirate radio.

....and also Nnamdi Kanu has a British passport.

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