Thursday, November 5, 2015

50,000 Nigerian girls die annually of abortion complications –NMA

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MORE than 50,000 Nige­rian girl-children die annu­ally due to complications relating to wrong and poor­ly done abortions across the country due to lack of education available to the Girl-Child Education and awareness.
The Nigeria Medical As­sociation (NMA), Ebonyi State chapter disclosed that majority of the.....
victims were young school girls who fell victim of pres­sures relating to adoles­cence stage as well as lack of sensitisation.
Speaking yesterday dur­ing the awareness cam­paign organised by the Committee on Girl-Child Education of NMA at the Model Girls’ Secondary School, Ugwuachara, Eb­onyi State, NMA Chair­man, Dr. Esike Chidi called on female students to take their studies very serious and avoid all distractions that often lead them astray to the level of indulging in pre-marital sexual ac­tivities which has been the major prevalent causes of unwanted pregnancies in girl children.
He said early and pre-marital sexual intercourse in girl children inhibit their chances of furthering their education and also expose them to various risks which includes unwanted preg­nancies which often lead to death of over 50,000 Nige­rian girl children annually.

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