Sunday, November 15, 2015

#NIGERIANS: This is what your ministers and ministers of state will earn yearly

President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministers will be paid based on the pre-existing yearly remuneration package of the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).

Punch reports that the new remuneration package being drawn-up by the RMAFC is not ready, hence the new ministers would be paid in.......

 accordance with the existing package.

According to the Chairman of RMAFC, Elias Mbam, the new packages would soon be made public, as the work was “going through a process of editing.”

Based on the current package, senior ministers will get N4,052,800 per annum as housing allowance and N6, 079,200 as furniture allowance.

While the housing allowance is paid every year, the furniture allowance will be paid once in a four-year term.

The ministers are also entitled to N8,105,600 as motor vehicle allowance, a loan which is repayable by the end of the tenure of the minister.

The monthly salary of a substantive minister is N168,866:66, which amounts to N2,026,400 per year.

The ministers are also entitled to other allowances at the end of each month, which include: motor vehicle fuelling and maintenance allowance, which is N1, 519,800 per annum.

The senior ministers will also get a personal assistant allowance of N506,600 per annum and N1,519,800 for payment of domestic staff..

Entertainment allowance for each ministers is N911,880 per annum while utilities allowance is N607,920 per annum.

The ministers are also entitled to N405,280 per annum for monitoring as well as N303,960 per annum for newspapers/periodicals..

The tour duty allowance is N35,000 per night; the estacode is $900 per night and the leave allowance is N202,640.

Excluding the optional vehicle allowance, each substantive minister will get paid a cumulative pay of N13,374, 240 per annum.

Meanwhile, the ministers of state are entitled to N3, 915,160 as housing allowance and N5,872,740 as furniture allowance per annum.

They are also entitled to an optional N7, 830,320 loan as motor vehicle allowance and an annual basic salary of N2,026,400.

For ministers of state, motor vehicle fuelling and maintenance allowance is N1, 468,185 while personal assistant allowance is N489,395 per annum.

They are also entitled to a payment of N1,468,185 for domestic staff and N880,911 as entertainment allowance per annum.

Each of the ministers of state is entitled to N587,274 per annum as utilities allowance as well as N293,637 per annum for newspapers/periodicals.

For state ministers, the tour duty allowance is N30,000 per night, estacode is $900 per night and the leave allowance is N195,758.

While the substantive ministers earn a cumulative pay of N13,374, 240 per annum, the junior ministers take home N12,597,332.

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