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PHOTO: Why Ebola survivor, Dr. Ada Igonoh, was delivered of baby in U.S., by First Consultant’s CMD

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FIRST Consultant Medical Centre  (FCMC) Chief Medical Director (CMD) Dr. Benjamin Ohiaeri has explained why a medical doctor with   the hospital and Ebola survivor Dr. Ada Igonoh was delivered of a baby girl at the Greater El-Monte Community Hospital, California, United States (U.S.).
Ohiaeri, at a news conference in Lagos yesterday, said  Igonoh was the first post-Ebola survivor to have got pregnant, adding that the hospital could not take chances with her during pregnancy and at the point of child delivery.

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“This is because when you survived Ebola, it is difficult to get pregnant, and if you get pregnant, it is difficult to carry the pregnancy, and much difficult to deliver the pregnancy. Ada carried the pregnancy well. She made us proud as a nation,” the hospital’s CMD said.
He added that many tests that could not have been done in the country were carried out on the Ebola survivor.
“We hypothetically assumed so many things and that is how we work as medics. So, we could not afford her some chances. She is a first of firsts. Best decision was America.
“Since her conception, she has been placed under medical surveillance to ensure that her child is Ebola-free. The baby, upon birth, has been certified Ebola-free.
“The baby girl weighs nine pounds and one ounce. Everything about the baby is normal because all tests carried out came back negative. Vanderbelt University Medical Centre did the tests.”
Dr. Ohiaeri said the Association of Nigerian Physicians in America (ANPA) facilitated the transfer of Igonor to the U.S. and that the delivery was done by Dr. Julius Kpaduwa, an obstetrician-gynaecologist in El Monte, CA.
The hospital’s CMD added that Dr. Stella Kpaduwa, a paediatrician, attended to the baby.
“It is a feat for Nigeria as a nation that Ada was delivered by Nigerian-Americans. Many stakeholders were in the delivery room with her – the World Health Organisation (WHO) team, Centre for Disease Control (CDC) team, Global Affairs team, and U.S. government representatives and the chief executive officer (CEO) of the hospital, where she delivered.
“Her husband Mr. Godwin Igono said mother and child are not expected back in the country soon as there is need for the duo to bond and it is satisfactory to the stakeholders to allow them to come back. Once they arrive, there will be celebration,” Dr. Ohiaeri said.
The WHO formally declared Nigeria Ebola-free on October 20, last year.

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