Thursday, February 18, 2016

*RAW VIDEO: Man strips almost naked inside GTB Banking hall over N150,000 deduction

An unidentified Man has striped almost naked in  GTB Banking hall over N150,000 deduction from the bank.
In the video, a man who appeared to be in his 30s is seen sitting on the floor of a banking hall with just a pair of boxers and a neck chain on. His trousers and shirts are on the floor close to him.
In the course of the five-minute video, the man angrily tries to share his story with whoever cared to listen as banking activities went on around him.
Speaking Yoruba, he said N150,000 had been illegally deducted from his account and despite repeated complaints, nothing had been done about it.According to him, the issue has dragged on for over a month with nobody really caring to take his complaints seriously.
Obvious fed up with the way he had been treated, he vowed not to get up until his money was returned to him or until the matter got to the bank’s head office.

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