Friday, February 19, 2016

*RAW VIDEO: Mr Oluyemi Ayeni Seeks Nigerians Help as Judge Divorced His marriage, Married His Wife and Impregnated Her

Brief summary; a middle-aged man named Oluyemi Ayeni of Akowonjo road, Berger, Lagos is crying out for the aid of well-meaning Nigerians over strong allegations of victimization on his person by a Judge of the Alternative Dispute Resolution in Lagos state.
According to Mr Oluyemi Ayeni who is currently living his life on the run, said he had a major dispute with his wife and mother of his kids, Doyin Rukayat Okunnubi whose business he invested a whooping sum of N5 million. The romance became sour when her business flourished and his wife grew out of his control.
 The man accused his wife of infidelity which prompted him to sue her to the court for a resolution of the crisis. According to mr Ayeni, the Judge who presided over the marital dispute engineered their divorce.
He claims the Judge snatched his wife from behind and impregnated her. She is currently 9 months pregnant for the Judge.

Mr Ayeni also said that he was arrested by policemen and detained unlawfully for two days on the order on the Judge who also led another team of policemen to his house after his arrest which prompted him to escape. He has been denied access to his children and is currently living outside his home like a fugitive.

Mr Ayeni said he now seek the assistance of Nigerians or the Government to help secure his children for him as he doesn't want his children who are under the custody of the Judge to live with the Judge who is a polygamist. He mentioned that his ex-wife living with the Judge is the fourth wife of the Judge.

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