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LATEST! Ese Oruru’s secret love letter to Yunusa uncovered

Yunusa and Ese Oruru
Yunusa and Ese Oruru
Fresh revelations have suggested that a sort of intimacy could have existed between Ese Oruru and Yunusa Dahiru (a.k.a Yellow) before the abduction saga which has culminated in the arraignment of the latter on five-count charges before the Federal High Court in Yena­goa, the Bayelsa State capital.

Yunusa, in an interview shortly after his arraignment had claimed responsi­bility for the five-month old pregnancy Ese is carrying, noting that the girl’s mother, Mrs. Rose Oruru was aware of their relationship before the alleged ab­duction incident.

Though Mrs. Oruru had denied the involvement of Ese and Yunusa in any love relationship, a letter exclusively obtained by......
Saturday Sun from an im­peccable source, indicates that the two may have had something together.
In the undated letter, which authenticity could not be verified as at Press Time, Ese had professed love to Yunusa, disclosing she had refused friendship requests from four other Hausa boys.
Ese also revealed in the letter the three conditions Yunusa required from her in the bid to cement their love affair.

In the letter, Ese had disclosed that Yunusa asked for three things, includ­ing following him to Kano; drop her Christian religion for Islam and love only him.

While Ese affirmed that she was ac­tually 13 years as at the time she wrote the love letter last year, she indicated that there was a plan for Yunusa to travel to Kano first, and she followed, even though she considered the arrangement ‘unfair’.

I have already accepted the first re­quest, then while you decide to tell me that you cannot take me along with you the same day. It is very unfair Inusa, why just tell me why you decide to be unfair. Well, Inusa there are many Hausa boys who asked for friendship but did not get it. I had so many people who I have lived with, do you know what it means to live the people you had live with for 13 good years of your life (sic)”, she asked.

She entitled the letter, ‘Pls read & re­ply me Inusa’.

Attempts to run the letter by Ese proved abortive. When Saturday Sun reporter got to her family house, it was learnt that members of the family had relocated and were under protective custody in an undisclosed location.

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