Thursday, March 17, 2016

*VIDEO: The SHOCKING moment a black girl punches and knocks to the floor a white girl who calls her a NIgger

Horrifying video has emerged of a black girl punching a young white girl straight in the face after she called her the n-word.

The clip, which was posted on Twitter, shows two youngsters squaring up and having an argument in Oklahoma.

The confrontation starts with the girl called Aleyah, who appears to be a teenager, saying: 'Are you running up?'

'You're on my property,' the white girl responds. The black girl repeats her question.

Then, the white girl says: 'No n****r.'

Aleyah then shoves her before saying: 'Who are you calling a n****r?'

The white girl, who has not been named, says: 'You.' Then Aleyah lands a fist straight into her mouth.

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