Sunday, October 4, 2015

BAD! Woman, Mrs Ndidi Edozie cuts hubby’s Scrotum during fight

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Ebony Edozie, a native of Umua­jara Ubogwu in Ofekatta autono­mous community Awo- Omumma in Oru East council area of Imo state, is now writhing in severe pains after his wife forcefully ripped open his scrotum with one of the testes badly damaged during a scuf­fle.

According to source, Mr. Edozie a pools agent suffered this cruel fate last Thursday when he reprimanded his wife, Ndidi for severely beat­ing their......
three-year old sick daughter who had thrown up the medica­tion being administered on her by the wife.
The source further revealed that the wife who was angered by her husband’s reprimand engaged him in a verbal war which later degener­ated into a serious fight.

It was also learnt that the wife, dur­ing the fight, held tightly to her husband’s man­hood apparently to render him powerless adding that every effort by the husband to free himself proved abortive as the wife forcefully yanked off one of the husband’s testes.
Narrating his ordeal in the hands of his wife from his hospital bed, Edozie said that he had been in hell since he mar­ried his wife.
According to him, it took the doctor about six hours to stitch the scro­tum that was badly dam­aged by his wife.

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